5 ways to have a fun night in and winning big in my PJ’s with Borgata


As most of you know if you’ve been following this blog for a while you know that I love my nights in.  I’m usually not big into partying until 5 in the morning because I’m already tired by 9pm and just want to relax.  That’s why for today’s post give you 5 ways to have fun while staying in!
Winning Big with Borgata
Ok, so this is number one because this is the main focus for today’s post.  I was recently able to play online with Borgata.  If you couldn’t tell by my blog name I’m a Jersey Girl.  Borgata Resort (Casino and Spa) is actually located in Atlantic City, NJ.  They are the #1 gaming resort in the Northeast.  You can learn more about their resort here.  Trust me you want to take a look at their site.  I’ve personally never been, but have been wanting to go for some time since I’ve heard so many things.  Then I remember that I wouldn’t make it past my bed time which is when everyone starts going to the casino so why not test out Borgata Casino online?  I was curious to see if there were winners, so if you’re like me you can click here for that information.  Navigating through the website is easy and you don’t have to download games if you don’t want to, you can play them in your browser which was awesome for me!  Slots is my type of game I always play slots.  It’s probably because it’s the easiest thing to play and when I get put into intense situation sometimes I don’t always make the best decisions so slots is less stressful, and less thinking haha!  Now, the best part!  If you go on the Borgata website you can also check out their offers page, however I have good news for you! They offer $20 to the public for playing, however you also get another $20 by using the code TRYBORGATA now that’s a deal you don’t want to miss out on!  Now, excuse me while I go play in my PJ’s and win big!
Make a Couch Fort
Since we are all kids at heart I couldn’t help but add this on the list.  If you have a significant other like mine who is just as immature as you are, making a couch fort and just hanging out in it while watching movies is such a fun time.  Trust me, it may seem like a dumb idea now, but it’s actually really fun.

Dinner and a Movie
How about instead of going out to dinner and a movie, stay in.  Whether you cook for yourself or multiple people, or if you just order take out it’s so much more convenient because you’re in the comfort of your own home and if you have a food baby you can just change into comfy clothes instead of strategically planning out your outfit so that your shirt covers your pants if you need to unbutton them and let your belly go!
Typical Sleepover
How many of us had your typical sleepover growing up?  I totally did and loved them.  How about ask your girls instead of going out to the club do something good for yourselves.  Have a night in with some pizza, and movies.  Get yourselves masks, do each other’s nails, make each other cocktails, and just enjoy each other’s company.
Ok, so I may have a bias opinion on this one, but working out creates endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy and relieve stress.  So, let’s say you don’t want to go out because you had a long day and you just want to destress and do nothing, but at the same time you don’t want to “waste” your Friday night.  Get up and workout.  If you don’t have any workout programs at home or don’t know any and aren’t planning on purchasing any you just want a one night fix, then go on YouTube.  There are plenty of workouts on there, I personally love the Ballet Beautiful workouts because they are extremely intense!
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