Poncho:  Ewa Bazaar // Jeans:  Ewa Bazaar
It’s the week after Thanksgiving and I need to confess that
I definitely cheated my clean eating and indulged this Thanksgiving.  Every once in a while I will allow myself a
cheat meal, because if I don’t then I’ll end up over indulging and not being
able to get back on track for healthy eating. 
Plus, I have goals I need to hit and since Physical Therapy slowed that
down for me, I really need to stick to the eating portion.  Ok, so anyway!  Since I ate a lot I’m just a tad bit bloated
and my body is readjusting to clean eating so wearing shirts that cover my
bloat help A LOT.  I’ve been drinking a
lot of water to regulate my body, but it’s taking a lot longer than I would
I love this cape/poncho because it’s so comfortable, warm,
and you can dress it up or down.  You can
use it as a comfy casual poncho, or you can dress it up by adding some fun
accessories.  I also love the colors because
of the neutral and earth tones.  I feel
like those colors should be in every woman’s closet.  The colors are perfect for fall, winter, and
all of the transitional weather.  Just a
side note, I’ve been living in the jeans pictured here.  I finally fit into a certain size in jeans
and I’m so extremely proud of myself, that’s probably why these jeans have been
on repeat when I’m just lounging around or running errands.

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