Chambray Transition & a Linkup


Dress:  Banana Republic // Shoes:  Ewa Bazaar
A lot of times when we think of chambray dresses, we don’t
think of winter wear.  For today’s post I
want to show how to transition a typical summertime chambray dress into a more
cold climate appropriate look.  A lot of
girls I know here in NJ still don’t wear tights or leggings under their dresses
in the winter time.  I personally could
not do this because once one part of my body is cold, the rest of my body gets
cold.  For the girls who can stand the
cold on their bare legs this is the perfect outfit for you.  I decided to just add some black into the
outfit.  Black shoes and a cardigan are
the way to go in my opinion.  This is
also perfect because after the holiday that just passed, I’m able to cover up
my bloated stomach AND still look cute because the bodice just kind of sucks
everything in!  One thing that’s great
about this dress too is it’s like a push up bra too because it definitely
flatters the girls if you’re looking for some extra oomph.
Let’s move on to the link up shall we?
Here are your top 3 from last week!

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up

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  1. How could anyone in NJ not wear tights or leggings on their bare legs in the winter? I've never heard of such a thing. No one in Wisconsin would go bare legged in the winter….You could get frostbite just walking from your car to a building. Anyway, love the dress! The ruffling in the chest is so unique!

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