Dress Season with Edressuk.co.uk

Hello lovely readers of mine!  Now, I know it’s only November, BUT the holidays will be here before we know it!  That’s why I wanted to show y’all some dresses that would be perfect for this dress season (as I like to call it) coming up!  Without further ado let’s introduce some Evening Dresses UK with Edressuk.co.uk !
The above red dress would be perfect for the holiday party that my company holds every year.  They also believe that red is good luck since the company I work for is an Asian company.  My first year I wore a red dress and actually won something in the raffle!  I would have to say I agree with them and say red is for good luck too!

THIS DRESS.  This dress is absolutely stunning.  Of course it would be perfect for a gala but who says you can’t wear this to a company holiday party.  Why fit in when you were born to stand out?  This dress would be a show stopper.  The great thing about this dress is that it’s perfect for all body shapes.  It’ll create curves for those looking to add some curve and it’ll hide those imperfections if that’s what you’re looking for.  Everyone wants to look their best around the holidays and this dress is the dress to do that in!

This is not your typical holiday dress, however it’s gorgeous.  You can easily make this holiday ready by adding some gold or red accessories.  

Ok, now I know that this is really far away, but I know some people who start prom dress shopping really early to make sure they get something they want and not shopping last minute.  I actually bought my prom dress right after Christmas because I knew I was going to buy something that was part of the holiday season but that no one else would have it which was my number 1 thing.  So the above and bottom cheap prom dresses UK would be perfect for prom.  They are both completely different but still each has it’s only gorgeous details that will fit whatever you’re looking for.  The black one above has a slit so if you have legs, girls show them off!  The bottom dress may be short, however look at all that detail!  It’s gorgeous and how many girls wear short cocktail dresses at prom?