Epilepsy Awareness Makeup and Video


Ok, so the video I wanted to post in the first place was a makeup tutorial with some purple smokey eyes.  Unfortunately my camera cut out a million times and I was left with literally nothing when it was time to edit the video.  I ended up turning the video into just me rambling about my condition, and I decided that I’ll just type up a tutorial for you.  If you reference back to my Breast Cancer Awareness video (here) it’s the same method just different colors and I’ll get into that below.

I decided to number the colors in the order that we will be applying them so it’s just easier for you.  I bought this eye shadow palette at TJ Maxx.  Let’s get started with the tutorial shall we?
Step 1
Take the shadow that is labeled 1.  Put this shadow on your lid.  You may need to apply it more than once to get enough on your eye.  Also, prior to doing this make sure you’ve primed your eye!
Step 2
Next, take color number 2.  Apply this into the crease.  Make sure not to put too much on your brush because it’s easier to apply more then take off shadow once it’s already on there.
Step 3
Take color number 3.  I applied it to the outer corners of my eye and made a triangle almost with the shadow.  Refer back to the Breast Cancer Awareness video (here) to see exactly how I did it. Now start blending it in.
Step 4
Wipe off your brush in case there is any excess (if you are using the same one to finish off this look).  Use color number 4 to put underneath the brow bone.  Then blend.
Voila you are finished!
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