I have a Converse/Chuck Taylor Obsession


Pants:  Levi // Shoes:  Converse
So I might have this slight obsession with Converse.  I have A LOT of converse.  I’ve loved them ever since I was in high
school.  I remember my first pair, they
were pink high tops that were later passed down to one of my brother’s really
close friends at the time.  I’m not going
to lie though, I wish I kept them.  Then
I moved on to other colors and fabrics like velour ones and I even had my “concert
converse.”  Now, these were super
special.  They were regular black and
white converse but they had been signed by people from my favorite band in the
front where the white is covering the toes. 
I also drew on them like your typical punk rock kid and I loved those
converse.  They were the greatest shoes
The only problem is, now I can’t find where those converse
went to.  I probably put them in a safe
place and forgot what that safe place was. 
Does anyone else do that?
Anywho, these I got for my birthday from my boyfriend’s
family.  I love that they have the Day of
the Dead sugar skulls on them.  If you
missed my Halloween series, I featured both of my Day of the Dead Halloween
looks from last year as well.  

8 thoughts on “I have a Converse/Chuck Taylor Obsession”

  1. Super cool!!! I'm always in awe of women who make kicks look like the most badass of heels 🙂

    On the blog today, I'm tackling something literally "borrowed from the boys", i.e., an item of clothing I took from my husband's wardrobe. Come on over and see how I (and four other women of all ages) styled pieces we, ahem, borrowed from the men in our lives.


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