Pumpkin Picking & Weekly Wrap Up


Over the weekend boyfriend and I went to do your typical
fall things; pumpkin picking, apple picking, and hay rides.  We didn’t have enough time to go through the
corn maze because it started to rain, BUT I did make friends with some adorable
donkeys!  Two of them came right up to us
especially after we went to where their feed was (the one that’s in the gumball
machines you pay for it to feed the animals). 
Well, there was one donkey off to the side in the corner, he looked so
sad and lonely.  I went up to him and
just pet him for a few minutes and talked to him like I talk to my dogs.  He just wanted some lovin!  I gravitated towards him because like me he
seemed to be a little anti social.  I
mean I don’t stand in corners, but I tend to not mind being by myself.
Anywho, boyfriend and I decided to take the ugliest most
unconventional pumpkins.  I chose one
that had some green left on it (even though I wanted an all green one) and he
got one that had warts all over it.  You should
see how they look outside on our patio haha. 
I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled! 
Now, in case you missed any of the fun things going on this
week here’s a list of everything!
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3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Picking & Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. Great recap post. Hey, ugly pumpkins and anti-social donkeys need loving too. Loved that you picked out the ugliest pumpkins of the bunch, I would love to see them by your front door. And you also showed us great outfits all week long, including this one. The tuxedo tee is so cute, Monica.

    A brand-new linkup is currently on the blog. I'd love for you to linkup this great post and share your scrumptious style with my readers. Thanks and enjoy the weekend!


    Ada =)

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