Shape Up Saturday Series: 5 Reasons I love at home workouts!


Alright, so y’all know that I do the 21 day fix
program.  I recently also got Country
Heat (which is another Team Beach Body program) for my birthday from my
coworkers and have tried multiple different workouts off of Team Beach Body on
Demand.  I love every single one I’ve
tried.  I had to calm it down a notch
with my working out because of my physical therapist but this week I got the
clear to try 15 minutes of extremely modified versions and then work my way up
to a half hour, so I’m super excited. 
Here are my 5 reasons why I LOVE at home workouts and why Team Beach
Body does an awesome job with these!
1.  Convenience
First and foremost it’s extremely convenient to be able to
work out at home.  All you do is pop in
the DVD and you’re good to go.  Or if you
do just regular at home work outs and are busy you can even do squats while
folding laundry, it’s really that simple.
2.  No Pressure
Some of us feel pressured when we go to the gym.  We feel like people are constantly looking at
us and judging us for not doing more.  Or
how about when you’re taking a power walk on the treadmill and of course every
other treadmill is free but that one marathon runner just has to get on the
treadmill right next to you.  It makes
you feel like crap.  Or how about when
you’re in a yoga class and you can barely hold your downward dog while someone
else is doing crazy poses. 
3.  Time Management
Being able to work out at home helps you manage your
time.  If you’re busy you don’t have time
to drive a half hour (more or less) there and back.  You don’t have that extra time to park the
car, walk to the place, then make sure you get home in time.  Another great thing is, if your gym has weird
hours, that’s where at home workouts are perfect.  You can workout whenever you want.  Whether it be super early in the morning, in
the afternoon, or even at night.  You don’t
have to worry about getting kicked out of the gym for being there too late or
not having time to go in the morning because of their hours.
4.  Budget Friendly
You don’t have a monthly gym membership.  You buy a workout DVD once and you’re golden
up until you want to switch up your workout. 
Or if you have Beach Body on Demand (if you want to know more about this
please contact me via email) you literally have everything at your fingertips
for a small monthly fee, nowhere near that gym membership fee. 
5.  Comfort
You know how you so badly wanted to use that one machine but
the last person who used it didn’t wipe it up after themselves.  You know this because A. you watched them, B.
the machine is all gross, and C. because it smells bad.  Um, you shouldn’t have to skip out on a
workout because someone else does not know how to be a normal respectful human.  Another thing too (this ties into my other
points) but you are doing this at home on your own time whenever you want.  You have the comfort or knowing that you are
in charge of dictating your workout schedule and routine.
If anyone is ever looking to get into a program where you
can work out at home, make your own food and drink my favorite shake of all
time, then don’t hesitate to contact me via email ( or leave a comment with your email below!  Don’t be shy, this is a no judgment zone!  Or you can always hop onto my Beach Body site
just to check out some programs or see what this is all about!  Please email me though prior to purchasing
anything so I can help you make the right decision on which program works for what your goals are!