Shape Up Saturday Series: Epilepsy Awareness-Brain Health and how I stay Positive


Tank:  Ewa Bazaar // Pants & Converse:  TJ Maxx
Today concludes my Epilepsy Awareness series here on the
blog.  I always hate when my series come
to an end because I’m always so excited for them since I love themes.  This series is extremely near and dear to my
heart because of the fact that I’m an epileptic.  I know I’ve said that a million times this
week, but I have to state it for those of you who are just tuning in.  You would never guess it by looking at me
because I try to live as normal as I possibly can.  This tends to wear you down sometimes
though.  My diagnosis alone tore me
apart, and I can’t even imagine what it did to my parents.  My parents have been there since day one and
I can’t thank them enough for doing their best to stay strong for me so that I
wouldn’t break down more than I already did. 
For today’s Shape Up Saturday I want to talk about brain health and
mental health since it’s so easy to stop staying positive when something bad
happens.  I know it’s not my usual Shape
Up Saturday but I think this is an important portion to health and wellness.
What is brain health?

The brain is the most complex organ.  It’s also one of the most important.  That’s why keeping it healthy is critical-especially
as you get older.  Your brain changes as
you age.  It’s natural.  But the central mission of your brain never
changes.  Its job is to help you make
sense of the world and oversee your daily operations and life.  It also refers to the ability to remember,
learn, plan, concentrate and maintain a clear, active mind.

How do you help your brain stay healthy?

“The brain is like a muscle. 
When it’s in use, we feel very good.” Carl Sagan

Get Moving-Nightly walks, playing, it doesn’t matter what it
is as long as your heart is pumping for 30 minutes of most days.  Being active is associated with lower risk of
brain issues.

Eat Up-low solid fat diet with lots of fruits and veggies
like strawberries, blueberries, and broccoli.

Know your Blood Pressure

Drink Moderately, if at all


Discover a new Talent-When you learn new things, you engage
your brain.  Pick up a new hobby like
dancing, learn to speak French or just do something you haven’t done
before.  Challenging your brain on a
regular basis is fun and beneficial.

Pick up the Phone-Stay connected with your family and
friends.  Science has shown having
regular engagement in social activities can help reduce some risks to your

Talk to your doctor
Ok, so moving on to another function of the brain; staying
positive.  Everyone always asks me how I
stay so positive with everything that has gone on in my life.  See the thing is, life will always throw
curveballs at you.  Life doesn’t care who
you are, it will find a way to break you, but it’s your job to overcome your
Tomorrow is a new day
This is something I tell myself all the time.  If someone bad happens no matter how
miniscule it is, I always say tomorrow is a new day.  I can start over again tomorrow and leave
what happened today in the past.
They saying that working out creates endorphins and
endorphins are what keep you happy.  Instead
of sitting on that couch and eating a tub of ice cream then regretting it a few
hours later why don’t you work out?  This
may not work for everyone because I know some girls who do not regret their
choice of eating a tub of ice cream and crying haha.  Anyway, if you workout you’re more willing to
give it your all when you’re angry. 
Afterwards you will feel so much better.
Distract yourself with things that make you happy or people
who are positive.  Distract yourself with
things like spending time with your family or going out for coffee with a
Group of Friends
Pretty much, if you’re always negative you need to
reevaluate your group of friends.  Are
they always negative?  If they are, that’s
a toxic environment to be in and you need to distance yourself ASAP!  Misery loves company.  I’m not saying completely drop off the face
of the earth, but maybe slowly start to hang out with people who are
positive.  Surround yourself with
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