Shape Up Saturday Series: HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!


Start of Round 1 to the end of Round 2, and then Start of Round 2.

Hey Everyone!  I
pretty much explain all of this in my YouTube video below, but if you need
everything down in writing like I do keep reading.
As most of you know I have lost a total of 40lbs since
June.  I’ve kept everyone updated on my
success and journey along the way.  At
first I was really quiet about it because I didn’t want to let people know
where I was mentally.  I was not in a
good state mentally or physically for that matter.  On June 12th I weighed 185.  That is the heaviest I’ve been in my entire
29 years on this earth.  I have never
weighed more than 170.  I was disgusted
with myself.  Now, I know to some people
this is a goal weight for them, but when you’re like me someone who was pretty
active their whole life and ate really healthy until this past year of stress,
happy relationship weight gain, and moving out, you’re not happy about it.  When I moved out is when I REALLY packed on
the pounds.  I could literally eat Taco
Bell twice a day and be totally ok with it. 
Then I saw something on Facebook about one of my friends
becoming a coach because she had so much success.  She showed me her before and after pictures
of just one round of the 21 day fix and I was taken back.  It was such a difference, even in the first
21 days.  I took a leap of faith.
Here I am, 5 months later, down 40lbs, 7 inches in my waist,
5 inches in each thigh, 5 inches in my chest, 2.5 inches in my arms, 6 inches
in my stomach and the list keeps going. 
I decided to become a coach because I know that if it wasn’t for my
coaches who provide motivation and support every day I would’ve failed.  I want to be your wing girl, I want to be
your motivator, I want you to reach your goals! 
By clean eating and working out just 30 minutes a day you will start see
your new body forming.
That’s why starting November 28th I’m starting my
second challenge group HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! 
You’re hearing it first here in my YouTube video and blog!  In order to get started you will need your
challenge starter pack which includes the following:
  • Portion Control Containers
  • 21 Day Fix workouts (one for each day half hour each)
  • Shake Mix
  • Container for Shake
  • 30 day Free Trial to Beach Body on Demand
  • Me and your fellow challenge group participants

With that being said please email me at if you are interested in joining
the group.  Everything is done online and
at home so do not worry if we don’t even live in the same state.  I’m here for you regardless of the
distance!  Also if you want to browse the
website just go to Team Beach Body
to check out different programs and such. 
You have to work for the body you always wanted and I’m here to help
push you to get to that body.  


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