Thanksgiving Dress


Dress:  Banana Republic // Purse:  Kate Spade (old) // Shoes:  Gucci (Ewa Bazaar no longer available but I linked other shoes)
Thanksgiving is this
week!  Jeez, time flies.  I knew this would happen though.  I feel like whenever fall time comes we just
fly through the holidays.  I must say I’m
kind of excited for Thanksgiving to be over because I can’t wait to start all
of my Holiday specials!  Anyway, I’m
getting a little ahead of myself.
Let’s get back on track!
This week I wanted to talk
about some outfits that are perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We all know, this is pretty much the kickoff
to the entire season.  This is when you
eat a lot of food with friends or family. 
I’m sure some of you even argue with your family on Thanksgiving or you
have that one relative who always points out how fat you’ve gotten, or asks
consistently when are you going to find a significant other so you can settle
down.  I’ve heard some horror stories
from my friends haha.  Thankfully for me
I have it easy on Thanksgiving.  The only
family I have here are my parents and brother, but my brother lives in
California so he won’t be here for Thanksgiving.  I’m super excited because he will actually be
here next week, he’s flying in for a week! 
Anyway, the tradition that we used to have for Thanksgiving fizzled out
as soon as the kids started to go into their own lives so my parents and I
started doing our own dinner.  Now that I
have a boyfriend I also have his family’s house to go to as well. 
I thought this dress would be
perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday because it’s flattering, plus it will
cover up that food baby that you will have once you’re done eating all your
food.  Thankfully for me I’ve learned how
to eat in portions so I probably won’t be overeating, ok who am I kidding I
will totally overeat because this will be my cheat day!


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