5 for Friday and Emjoi


To start off with today’s 5 for Friday post, I wanted to
introduce an awesome product I was able to review.  It’s the Emjoi eRASE for Epilation.  This product is great because it’s part of
the beauty grooming tool collection which provides year round options for self
and gift purchases.  The Emjoi epilators
outshine competitors by doing what users want most:  quickly and effectively remove unwanted hair
from the body and face, with the absolute minimum of discomfort.  This particular epilator has a patented 3 disc
tweezer system.  The epilator removes
hair from the root as short as 0.3mm leaving skin smooth for up to 6
weeks.  You can find the product here and
if you’re looking for limited edition patterns and colors, those can be found
on QVC.com throughout the year.  Now I
must say I was super scared at first to try this because I had an epilator once
before a long time ago and it hurt really bad. 
It wasn’t made by Emjoi, but this will definitely be my go to company
for epilators.  It didn’t hurt as bad as
when I used another brand’s epilator.  I
love that it’s not big and bulky and can fit anywhere while traveling.  This is the perfect gift idea for anyone who
you know is going to be traveling to beaches this holiday season, or if you
live in a climate where your legs are bare all the time.  In the winter time I tend to shave less
because it’s cold, and I’m not going anywhere where it’s a warm climate so why
waste all of that time on shaving to still have it grow back?  That’s why this little gadget is perfect for
someone like me!
On the Chew
If you didn’t read Monday’s post here, you definitely
should.  I was on the ABC TV show The
Chew.  It was so awesome to see myself on
TV, definitely weird, but super cool.  I
was mostly excited because Clinton Kelly approved of my nails and I used to
watch him on What Not To Wear with my mom every Friday.  OMG I loved that show, so for him to give his
approval made my year!
Blogger Bestie
I get to see my Blogger Bestie Ellen tomorrow.  I’m super excited because we were supposed to
see each other a while ago but we both had a lot going on so we had to put our
meeting on hold.  Well, the day has
finally come!  Tomorrow is the day that I
get to see her pretty face and we can exchange gifts!
Brother was in NJ
I got to see my brother for a short period of time.  Unfortunately since I don’t live at home
anymore I didn’t get to see him more but he came back to NJ to visit and I saw
him a few times.  I was able to give him
his Christmas gifts and even though they were small he really liked them.  I was super excited about it because they
were presents that had a little more meaning than past years.  I guess once we get older it’s not about how
much you got, or what you got for Christmas, but the thought that actually went
behind it.
Shape Up Saturday
Stay tuned to tomorrow’s Shape Up Saturday post.  I’m talking about how to deal with negative
comments towards weight loss and what comments I’ve had to encounter.  There’s always going to be comments made
whether good or bad it’s just a matter of how you take it!
In case you missed it
Here’s a list of this week’s posts in case you missed any of

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