Holiday Lippies


It’s that time of year where I whip out all of my red
lipsticks.  I have a ton of different red
lipsticks and even though some people may say they look exactly the same, they
don’t they definitely have different shades I promise haha!  I wanted to get into each individual lipstick
and talk about the color and application. 
So keep reading for that info!

*With Flash*

*Without Flash*
From Top to Bottom
Bite Matte Crème Lip-Red Velvet
This is by far one of my recent favorites.  I actually reviewed 3 different Bite Matte Crème
Lipsticks and fell in love with this Red Velvet one.  It glides on so smooth and is super
pigmented.  It’s long and thing so you
can easily fit it in your purse.  It’s
definitely a holiday red.  I don’t use this
with a lip liner because it’s already in a “pencil” form so precision is not
needed for me for this lipstick.
Maybelline-Red Revival
I fell in love with this red about two summers ago.  I was looking for a really pigmented classic
Hollywood red and this was the color. 
This was the perfect red lip color I’ve been on the hunt for, for so
many years.  I usually use this with a
lip liner because I want more of a straight line and precision.
Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm-Standout
I have this thing for pencil/crayons when it comes to lips
and this one is another perfect one.  I
don’t usually use a lip liner for this one either.  It’s a matte lip balm, so even though it
gives off that matte look, it keeps my lips hydrated.  I have this issue with other matte lipsticks
where they dry out my lips so this lip balm is perfect!  As you can see it is also a holiday red.
L’oreal Zoe-Zoe’s Red
This satin lippie color is amazing.  It goes on so smooth.  I usually use lip liner prior to applying
because it helps gives precision.  This
color has a little bit of a plum hue to it so it’s a deep plum red.  I’m not sure if that makes sense haha!

B Moisture Lipcolour-Grappa
This color I got from my blogger bestie I believe last year
for Christmas.  It’s a darker color that
I love.  This would be perfect for if you
are going out for a date night during the season because it gives you a little
extra oomph!
Born Pretty-MMX #112
The color of this is perfect and I highly recommend using a
lip liner.  Unfortunately the consistency
of this lipstick is a little thin so you have to apply it more than once to
ensure it’s completely covering your lips. 
Other than that the color is also a perfect holiday red.
Maybelline-Deepest Cherry

I fell in love with this color when I first started this
blog up again.  It was the first time I
had tried a dark lipstick ever in my life. 
I instantly fell in love.  I loved
that it was a deeper red and that it went on so smoothly.  I don’t usually use a lip liner with this one
because it’s so dark.

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