Holiday Makeup Tutorial and Ulta Haul


Hey Y’all!
So for today’s post, I know this makeup tutorial is extremely similar to my last one but I wanted to show you how to do that version a little lighter on top of introducing some new products that I recently purchased.  It’s a little bit of a haul, and I also received some lipsticks from Glory Boon.  Love love love them!
I decided that when I was purchasing from Ulta I needed a matte primer and I loved my one from Benefit so I tried their clear matte primer and I must say I love it more than the other one I had.  I also finally purchased a setting spray (because I’ve only been wanting one for over a year!) along with a new highlighter.  So far I love it, it goes on so smooth and I love that it has a little bit of a metallic in it.  I know that doesn’t look too natural on the face, but I actually like it.  I love the “dewy” effect so maybe that’s why I don’t mind the metallic.
That eyeshadow pallet is also new and it’s basically the biggest one I’ve ever seen.  It has every color I’ll possibly ever need and them some more.  Surprisingly, for the price it’s actually pretty decent eyeshadow.  The colors stay on and even though I’d like them to be a bit more vibrant they’re still good in my book!  I bought a new matte bronzer, and I wanted to try the new formula by Bare Minerals.  The lady at the counter said a lot of customer’s complained about how messy the regular powder was that they came up with this one.  I must say I DO like it!  The matte bronzer is also the perfect color because since we are in the winter months I don’t want to have a crazy contour so this is perfect for me.  I received a sample because you get those with Ulta, for the Anastasia eyebrow pomade and I must say I LOVE IT!  I will be buying it.  I’m not a huge eyebrow fan, but this stuff I love!  
Even though this makeup is similar to my last tutorial, I did use a bunch of new products and I’m always wearing red lipstick for the holidays and I wanted to switch it up!  Watch my below video for more!

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