Holiday Nail Art


I’m so excited to share my nails with you today because I
had new rhinestones come in!  I’m super
excited about all of the different shapes and sizes along with colors.  I decided to keep this mani darker and more
glam than your typical Christmas nails as I’ve done in the past.  I’ve done so many Christmas nails it’s a
little insane haha!
Since I’ve been living in my own apartment (well, shared
with the boyfriend) I just don’t have time for anything anymore because there’s
no one to help (like my mom, she helped me with literally EVERYTHING) and there’s
more responsibilities.  I have no idea
how my mom did everything, she was super mom. 
I hope that someday my time management skills are as good as hers.  Anyway, since I moved out I just can’t
dedicate a lot of time to my nails anymore. 
I love love love giving myself mani’s but they are a little time
consuming the more advanced you go and some of the designs I’ve done in the
past have taken me entirely way more time than they should have.  My problem is I love being creative and I end
up getting lost in that creativity.  I
look at my nails as a creative opportunity. 
I know it’s weird, but I just love anything creative!

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