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Dress:  Banana Republic // Necklace:  Banana Republic
How many of you reading this have an office party to go to
whether it be casual or dressy?  I have
one today actually, this is the dress I will be wearing.  It’s the perfect dress to go from office to
party.  It’s appropriate enough to be
worn with a blazer and some flats while actually working in the office, and all
you have to do to change is put on some stilettos and add some
accessories.  I chose to add this
necklace from Banana Republic.  The dress
is also from Banana Republic.  Can you
tell that I’ve had a slight obsession with that store since I actually fit in
their clothing?
Every year the company I work for throws a Holiday
Party.  Everyone brings their plus one
(or some go solo, I went solo my first two years) and you just eat, dance, and
have fun.  You get to see everyone you
work with loosen up a bit and having fun after a stressful year.  My full time job is extremely high stress, so
to be able to go and enjoy myself for a few hours with my coworkers is
awesome.  The high stress part is one of
the reasons why I started this blog.  I
wanted to do something I loved and enjoyed doing.  My dream was to always call myself my boss
and not work for someone else, however for right now I need stability.  It took me a lot of time and a Master’s
Degree to get this job so I’m not complaining, I just wish it was less
Sometimes I just want to ask “can I just NOT adult today?”
Ok, anyway super off topic! 
Let’s talk about 5 things that are appropriate to wear to an
Office Holiday Party!
Ladies, please please please make sure you are not wearing a
mini skirt or something you would wear to the club.  Make sure your dress either touches your knee
or in this case something a little above the knee.
No plunging necklines. 
Unless you are going to an event where this is ok do not wear this to
your typical office party.  You can wear
spaghetti straps but please make sure those girls are hidden and tucked away.

Even though this is after work outs still present yourself
in a professional manner.  Think
classy.  Don’t get drunk and stumble all
over the place either, oh that would be so extremely embarrassing for you come
Pretty much stick to your regular colors.  Neutrals, black, white, red, blue, etc.  Don’t wear a hot pink cupcake dress as I like
to call them, you know the ones with the tulle that looks like a cupcake
haha.  If your party is going to have
pictures being taken don’t wear green. 
At our holiday parties they use a green screen and my coworker’s green
dress turned into the background of the picture haha!
Remember that this is a work event, not EDC or
Halloween.  Yes, you can emphasize your
makeup a little more and add a smokey eye with a lip color, but don’t start
whipping out the crazy makeup.
Just keep it simple, this is the easiest thing to do.  If you get a regular dress (like mine) just
accessorize it with cute shoes, jewelry, and a clutch.  If you decide to go for sequins keep your
accessories to a minimum so that dress has it’s chance to shine.
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