Jord, Wanderer, and MakeMeChic


Leggings:  Ralph Lauren // Tunic:  MakeMeChic // Watch:  JORD // Bracelets:  Wanderer (use code JGTH to receive 20%)
There are so many things going on in today’s post!  I have a few reviews and some interesting
things to share with all of you.  First
of all let’s start off with this outfit. 
It’s the kickoff to my holiday season. 
It’s burgundy so I figured this was a nice way to get my feet wet before
we went full swing into holiday outfits because boy do I have a lot for y’all!
This tunic is super comfy, warm (just make sure you wear a
tank under it), and can be worn multiple different ways.  I wore it here with leggings and heels but
you can easily wear it with jeans, boots, UGGS, etc.  You can find the tunic on Amazon through the
MakeMeChic store.  I love the distressed
look and that it’s a tunic.  Who doesn’t
love a big oversized sweater that is really oversized?  I’m sure some women could get away with
wearing it as a dress, I however would not be able to.  I’m too tall, so it’s extremely short in the
front.  As you can see it’s easily able
to be dressed up just with the right heels, a bold lip color and that’s
it.  I would also add some accessories
too if you’re really trying to spruce it up for a girl’s night out.
moving on to some more fun things in today’s post.  

If you’ve been following my blog for quite some time now,
you would know that I gifted a JORD  watch to my brother last year for
Christmas.  This year I’m gifting one to
my mom (don’t worry, she’s been told not to read today’s post haha) as an
engraved gift.  Oh yea, that’s right, JORD  is engraving now!  On the back of the
watch I had MEJ engraved.  This will
actually explain my email address as well for those of you who have emailed me
in the past.  MEJ stands for my initial,
my mom’s initial, and my grandma’s initial. 
It’s the 3 generations of women, and I thought instead of putting just
my mom’s initials on the back I put MEJ. 
Now I chose to get this for my mom because well first of all she
deserves it and second of all I feel as though it’s really feminine and the
colors are perfect. 
Now you may be asking, what exactly can I get engraved?
JORD  can engrave the back plate of the following
series:  Fieldcrest, Reece, Frankie35,
Frankie, and Conway.  The cost of
engraving is $35 and you can choose block or script engraving.  They can also engrave the side of the cedar
wood presentation box that the watch comes in. 
The cost of engraving for that is $45 and again you can choose block or
script engraving.  For character
limitations please visit the JORD  website. 
Engraving also extends delivery time up to 7 business days so plan
accordingly if you’re thinking of getting this as a gift this holiday season.
Want to know another great thing?  If you click this link it will bring you to a
giveaway which you will need to enter your email to be instantly emailed a $25
gift code!

Since we all know that I love arm bling, I wanted to also
share another brand that you can sport this holiday season.  They are called Wanderer Bracelets and the
story behind this company is awesome. 
They employ local artisans of the villages in Bali which helps produce
creativity and opportunity for them and their families.  Each bracelet is hand carved and hand
woven.  Since they believe no part of an
animal should be wasted once the water buffalo dies, they use it’s bones for
jewelry.  They are fighting the ivory trade.  I love how each bracelet has a
meaning behind it and can be given to someone as a gift because they went
somewhere or are going somewhere.  I just
bought my brother the one with the coordinates (click here) for Christmas that has the coordinates
of our hometown here in NJ since he’s all the way in Cali.  Oh, by the way for those of you who didn’t
read last week’s post or Instagram upload, Wanderer gave me a 20% off coupon
code online.  Just type in MON20 at
checkout.  Remember, not all who wander
are lost.
**Please note I was given the tunic, watch, and bracelet (two were paid for) as a review, however all opinions are my own.
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  1. I am loving that sweater, bracelet and watch. I think this outfit is casual yet dressy enough for a laid-back holiday shindig. Since my hair is the same style and cut like yours, can you show me how to curl it?! Love yours, Monica.

    I welcome you to stop by and join my latest linkup with this beautiful outfit. Thanks lady and enjoy the first weekend of December!

    Ada. =)

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