5 Favorite Winter Fashion Pieces

For today’s Five for Friday instead of doing a catch up post because nothing exciting is happening, it’s all just crazyness I decided to do a Five Favorite winter pieces of mine.  Being that this blog started off as a fashion blog I want to shed some light on winter fashion that has been on repeat for me lately!
Warm Jackets (such as Northface)
I never really had a nice warm winter jacket ever since I started buying my own clothes.  I always wanted to go for the fashion statement, but unfortunately when it gets cold here in NJ it’s super hard to want to be fashionable, sometimes I really just want to be comfy.  The thing I love about this Northface that I got from Santa (aka my parents lol) is, it’s not huge and bulky, but it’s still nice and warm because it’s a down jacket.  It has a hood and is form fitting so it doesn’t take away from the fashion aspect of winter.

Plaid (give me all the plaid)
I love plaid.  It just so happens that my most recent plaid obsessions have been red.  Probably because Christmas just passed and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  I love the red and buffalo plaids because I feel like there is something so “wintery” about them.  I think of comfortable, cozy, and by a fireplace somewhere in a cabin sippin’ on some hot chocolate!

I’ve been obsessed with Ponchos since I started this blog, I’m not stopping that obsession anytime soon.  I love ponchos in the winter because they are so easy to wear and let’s be honest here, it’s like wearing a blanket that is considered fashionable.  Who wouldn’t want to have that on a daily basis?  Ok, actually I know some people who don’t understand ponchos, but they are my favorite things to wear.  Plus, when you want to put on your jacket you just push your poncho in front of you and make it look like a blanket scarf, win win!

If you know me, you know that I’ve had an obsession with scarves for quite some time.  I’ve been collecting scarves since I worked at H&M back in my college days.  They were so trendy back then, that I just kept that going throughout my years.  Now I have quite the collection.  I love that scarves are trendy, yet still serve a purpose to keep you warm!
I don’t have a particular collage for these because well have you seen any of the above pictures?  I wear a lot of boots in the fall/winter months.  They range anywhere from booties, to tall boots, to OTK boots.  I love them all!
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