Gel Manicure at Home

Ok, it’s been quite some time since I did a Mani Monday, I do greatly apologize, I just haven’t been inspired by anything lately.  I did receive a Sally Hansen Gel Manicure kit (Lamp Included) from my neighbor but unfortunately the actual lamp was broken.  So the boyfriend tried to fix it in more ways than one and even took the whole thing apart (he can literally fix anything) but I told him to stop trying it’s no biggie I didn’t have time to do my nails, nor did I have inspiration to do anything.  
Well, yesterday he showed up at home with a lamp!  He went to Sally’s Beauty Supply (I know I was impressed too!) and bought me a lamp.  I immediately had to try it.  I love how my nails turned out and the great part is I was able to wash dishes and meal prep with no chipping!  I did break a nail though so that one got a little messed up but we just won’t look at that nail hehe.  I tried a light and simple color because I wanted to test out the whole at home gel manicure thing before I jumped into all of the colors that my neighbor gave me.  Hopefully I’ll have some inspiration for Valentine’s Day because it makes me sad that I haven’t uploaded any nail arts, it’s just weird for me.  Maybe I’m just too busy that I haven’t had time to sit down and enjoy things!