Little Black OOTD


Blazer:  Ewa Bazaar // Pants:  Banana Republic // Bag:  Ewa Bazaar (Gucci) // Boots:  Famous Footwear (old, Franco Sarto) // Necklace Mirina Collections Use Code MirinaGirls for 20% off at Checkout 
We always talk about the little black dress.  What about a little black suit?  Even though this isn’t necessarily a full on
suit, it is a black blazer and black pants. 
I feel like a powerhouse in this suit. 
Not only is it black so it’s sleek and slimming, but when I think of a
suit I think of power.  I think of a
woman who’s ready to take on the world. 
I love that blazers can be worn by so many different body shapes and
sizes and on each body it gives off the same confidence and leadership vibe.

 I’ve been wearing a
lot of black lately, I’m not entirely sure why because I’m not trying to cover
up any holiday weight, but I just feel like it looks so sleek, and it’s been
kind of crappy (weather wise) here in NJ. 
Bright colors are definitely out of the question.  I envy those of you in beautiful weather!

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