Not All Who Wander are Lost


I wish I could be like one of those people who travel the
world.  The people who quit their job and
just go everywhere and don’t stress over being spontaneous.  I think because for me I instantly start
thinking about my bills, my student loans (which if you have these you know you
CANNOT stop paying them), the fact that my full time job has really good health
benefits (if you’ve been following me you know I have a lifelong medical
condition), and that I don’t have money set to the side for something like
this.  I also have this issue with
following the rules.  I follow every rule
basically.  The boyfriend doesn’t
understand how I do that, I literally won’t even step over a line because there’s
a sign that says “line starts here,” lol. 
I wish I could be a person who doesn’t mind breaking the rules because
you only live once.
I guess that’s something I need to work on this year.  Breaking at least one rule (of course meaning
it won’t hurt anyone or it won’t be anything illegal lol).  Living a little spontaneously and maybe even
planning out a little vacation that forces me to go on an adventure.  I have a lot of things to take care of before
I can relax though which is the major issue keeping me from doing anything
remotely fun.  Sorry for being such a
Debbie Downer lately, I just have a lot going on, it’s been super stressful.
On a happier note, I wanted to talk about why I actually
started talking about wanderlust.  See my
bracelets?  I know I’ve talked about them
on here before but they are made by Wanderer Bracelets.  You get 20% off when you use code MON20 at
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  1. First of all you are super cute. I love the poncho and the colors in it. Living on the edge looks different to everyone but it can totally give some inspo to your life. Trying a new breakfast place, or going on a hike or walk in a new area sometimes helps me feel refreshed and look at things differently.

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