Shape Up Saturday Series: Misfit vs. Jawbone


Below pictures of Jawbone are from a previous post about the Jawbone that can be read here.

As some of you know I’ve been
super into fitness lately.  Last year the
company that I work for started this new program where everyone got a fitness
tracker.  Well I hated the one that was
provided to us by the company because it would count any movement as
steps.  I could be putting my hair up and
it counted hundreds of steps.  I decided
to get the Jawbone Up 24.  I had that for
a pretty decent amount of time, until one of my coworkers told me about her new
tracker the Misfit.  First of all I LOVED
the design and what it looked like and she had good reviews about it so I
waited a month or two, researched other trackers, but ended up getting the
Misfit.  So, I wanted to do a little Pros
and Cons of both the Misfit and the Jawbone Up24.
Misfit PROS:
Pretty and sleek
Battery powered-battery
life should be about 6 months I’ve had mine for a few months and there’s no
movement on the battery, still at full.
Great interface and
has a point system based off of how much you use –much harder to cheat with
this tracker if you’re one of those people who like to cheat!
bands (to be bought separately).
Misfit CONS:
No tips or as many
choices in terms of workouts to log (but on the plus side, it automatically
tracks if the activity was light, moderate, or vigorous!)
The vibrating alert
that tells you to get up lasts much longer than it needs to and sometimes when
you have it set to alert you of texts and phone calls it will vibrate for a
while when it comes to phone calls. 
Meaning if you pick up the phone call the Misfit keeps vibrating.
You have to sync it
on your own, it doesn’t automatically sync like the Jawbone did.  Sometimes it has trouble connecting to
Jawbone PROS:
I LOVE the app. Even
with the health tips and its alerts when you’re not sleeping enough!!
I still like the
wrap, but its just so easy to break and get dirty.  I was cleaning mine ALL the time.
Cheaper but longer
Jawbone CONS:
Not waterproof
Easy to cheat with
–very basic
Have to charge it
every few days.

Also, just as an FYI stay tuned to my blog’s facebook and Instagram!  I’ll be announcing my next challenge group!

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