Shape Up Saturday Series: Rewarding Yourself


Vest:  Ewa Bazaar // Pants:  Adidas (TJ Maxx) // Sneakers:  Nike
The one thing people always think of when it comes to eating
healthy is rewarding yourself and most people think you can only reward
yourself with a cheat day.  Even though
this may seem fine and dandy, after I eat something I really shouldn’t be I
immediately feel like garbage.  My energy
levels go down, productivity is at a low, and I feel bloated and gross.  That’s when my regret starts to sink in.  This is basically how I feel every time I
cheat.  I’m loving that moment of eating
Taco Bell, but within a few minutes I don’t feel good.  This is because my body is used to eating a
certain way.  I’m not saying don’t allow
yourself cheat days because we all need a cheat day to eat our favorite slice
of pizza, or our favorite ice cream.  I
mean sometimes when I feel like garbage I will still sit there as a lump on the
couch and say it was so worth it haha.  If
you don’t have cheat meals you will fail. 
Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can never eat your favorite junk foods
again.  This simply means if you are
eating right 85-90% of the time and then one day you decide to feast that’s
ok!  Do you think I made it this far with
my lifestyle change WITHOUT cheating? 
Absolutely not.  I love pizza and
Taco Bell so I would never be able to give those two things up.  Have I eaten them a lot?  No, I actually haven’t because my body doesn’t
react well to them now and it takes me about 1-2 days to get back on my
feet.  It’s almost like a really bad
hangover haha!
That’s why I wanted to touch base with something else in
today’s post.  Rewarding yourself doesn’t
have to mean with JUST food.  Of course
with every round of the 21 day fix I usually sneak a few chips here, a burrito
there, a slice of pizza over here, etc. 
I’ve decided that rewarding myself with just food isn’t that satisfying
anymore.  Why would I reward myself with
food when I’m working so hard to keep my body in shape?  I mean one cheat meal isn’t going to set me
back, but what if that one turns into two, and that two turns into three and so
Ok, so how else would you reward yourself?
Is there a bathing suit you’re looking at?
Is there a new bra you reallllly want?
How about activewear, is that pair of Lulu lemon yoga pants
calling your name?
Is there a new program you want to try with Team Beach Body?
What about that highlight and contour kit from Sephora that
you want REALLY bad?
Do you want to get a massage/a mani pedi because of all of
this working out you want to be pampered?
Of course make sure to stay within your financial means when
making a reward once you hit a goal, but keep things like this in mind.  After my third round of the 21 day fix (the
first two I was wary about buying new clothes) I decided to go clothes shopping
because well, I was SWIMMING in my clothing I currently had.  My pants were falling off, my tops made me
look four sizes bigger than I actually was, and the list just keeps going.  Then, once I hit my final weight loss goal of
145lbs I went out and rewarded myself with some workout clothes.  I needed some for the winter (long pants) and
instead of getting just anything like I usually do I decided to get myself a
pair of Adidas and Nike pants.  I felt
like in that moment I deserved it for hitting my ultimate weight.  This is the number on the scale I wanted to
see before I started building muscle. 
Now, it’s on to building muscle and I honestly don’t know what my next
reward will be.  Maybe a new fitness
program like Core de Force or Insanity? 
I’m still not in the clear to be doing cardio, but maybe by then I will