Shape Up Saturday Series: The Secret to Meal Prepping

If you’ve been following my social media or even my blog for
the past 7 or 8 months you know that I’ve dialed into my nutrition and am
living a healthy lifestyle.  A lot of
people always say how they don’t understand how I did it, or they don’t understand
how I can meal prep.  It’s a lot easier
than it looks.  The first few times I did
it, it was a little rocky and I almost gave up but I will tell y’all I’m so
glad I didn’t!  Now, below are my secrets
to an awesome meal prep.  All of those
points are super important so make sure to read them!  Also, if you ever have questions or would
like to join my online groups please email me and we will chat! I actually have a group
starting February 6th!  Or you can click this link to see what I offer!

This is basically the most important part.  How can you prep food if you don’t have a set
plan?  Since I do the 21 Day Fix meal
plan I’ll be basing my planning off of that. 
So if you click this link it will bring you to the containers that I
use.  Ok, I know, they look super
small!  I promise they aren’t though, and
you also have multiples of these containers throughout the day.  Trust me, it’s A LOT of food.  The meal prepping pictured here isn’t even
all of it for Monday through Friday. 
Back to the original topic!  Since
I go by containers, I write down how many containers I need at the top of my
page (you can also make a table if you’d like but I prefer doing everything by
hand).  With the 21df, I’m supposed to be
eating smaller meals but throughout the day. 
Basically instead of eating 3 big meals to eat 5-6 little ones.  I plan my 5 meals with Breakfast, Snack,
Lunch, Snack, Dinner, (and sometimes snack). 
I cross off my containers at the top of my page as I go.  I also plan protein for breakfast, and after
my workout.  I usually schedule my snack
to have carbs (healthy carbs, not the bad carbs!) and eat that a little closer
to my workouts.  I also add to my
planning when I will be working out. 
Sometimes I will workout on a whim, but most of the time I have a date
with myself to work out for 30 minutes (yes, that’s ALL IT TAKES with the 21
day fix program).  Another little tip is
make sure in the beginning that your plan is extremely basic.  Start getting creative once you get the hang
of this whole meal prep thing.
I’m the queen of lists. 
Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a list for
everything.  Some might actually say I
have a problem with generating lists for everything, but hey it works for me!  When I make my shopping list I usually make
it more than once because I start adding things to it, then it gets messy, and
when it’s messy I can’t read everything and boom I go to the store and forget
the most important thing I needed.  With
that being said, what I do is write a rough draft take a look at it and then
start writing a final list in order of where everything is in the store.  I have been going to the same supermarket for
a good portion of my life and everything is usually in the same spot.  So I start off with listing what produce I
need to get and then move into other things I need to buy.  I also do some shopping at Sam’s because my
mom has a membership and get items that I can get in bulk so it saves
money.  Or I get my meat from there
because there’s a lot more of it for a fraction of the price and you can freeze
meat until you’re ready to use it!  Bada
bing, bada boom.  I always make sure to
bring a pen with me to cross everything off as I go and yes, every once in a
while I for whatever reason write things out of order and have to turn

My least favorite thing is grocery shopping.  I swear when I go food shopping it’s like I’m
stuck in rush hour traffic except I’m pushing a cart not driving a car.  We all have to grocery shop though regardless
if we are shopping for healthy or non healthy food.  Since I do my food shopping on the weekends
(mostly Sunday) I will avoid going during busy times.  I usually go not too long before closing (not
close enough to be the last customer because I used to hate last minute
customers working in retail) this way I can look at everything on my own,
compare prices if needed and not have to worry about the next person who will
be running over my foot, or worse, running into my heel!  Once I put something in my cart I will cross
it off of my list so that I know that’s done and taken care of.  

This is where the magic happens!  This is where you take all of your ingredients
and bake/cook.  I usually plan it out so
that everything is being utilized in a time saving manner.  I always make sure I have my meal planning
notebook in front of me so I know exactly what I should be making.  I’ll start off with the hardest thing first
so for example in these pictures it was basically just cutting all of the
veggies, so what I did was cut all of the veggies (I seriously hate cutting
veggies) and baked/boiled them.  While
that was happening I started with the chicken which was not dethawed before I
had finished with the veggies.  Once all
of that was done I still had enough room to make my other snack which was
oatmeal. Once everything is cooked I let it cool off a bit and put it in
containers.  The containers are separated
in my fridge so that I can just grab them and put them in my lunch bag and not
forget anything.
In conclusion, here is basically what I went over in the
above paragraphs:
  • Plan your meals for a week ahead
  • Plan other things into your meals (like when you are working
    out or if you have an appointment)
  • Keep protein for breakfast and after a workout
  • Keep it simple your first two-three weeks of meal planning
    so you get the hang of it

  • Make a list and check it twice!  No seriously, do that!
  • Put everything in order of where it is in the store so you
    don’t have to turn around and go back for things

  • Make sure to bring your list and a pen to cross off items
  • Go during slow hours so before closing or during a football

  • Utilize all tools and appliances in the kitchen!
  • Have your meal plan in front of you.
  • Dethaw chicken way before meal prepping (I forget to do this
    all the time)
  • Eat smaller meals continuously throughout the day rather
    than 3 large meals.

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