Stowaway and Visage Review with Tutorial


I was asked to review these awesome products (I’ve been
using them for a few weeks so since the video was made I have more updates), if
you don’t have time to watch the video and/or would rather read the details
just keep reading away!  I did use some
of my own products which I also featured in the video because I love a LOT of
coverage on my face because of my eyes, so here goes!
Start off with the Beauty Balm.  It’s almost like a BB Cream/Tinted
Moisturizer.  It goes on so smoothly and
the coverage is amazing.  Even though I
like a lot of coverage, I was pleasantly surprised by this.  I only had to add a little concealer under my
eyes and that was basically it, other than that the coverage was awesome!
After you apply the balm, you move onto concealing.  I used Olay Eye Depuffer and LA Looks
concealer stick.  I used a beauty blender
to blend this into the beauty balm.
Next I used the Illuminator by Stowaway.  I used it as a highlighter.  If you watch the video I used it on my nose,
little bit of my forehead, above the cheek bones, above my upper lip, and on my
chin.  I used a brush in the video, but I’ve
actually been using my beauty blender since I made this video and found that it
works better than a brush since the illuminator is creamy and not powder.  Everyone should know how to contour nowadays
judging by how many videos are out there, BUT if you don’t I used the Matte Bronzer by Stowaway and applied it on my cheekbones, jawline, temple area, and
a little bit on my forehead where it meets my hairline.  Next up was the blush!  There was a cream (Burnt Rose) and powder
(Peach).  I personally prefer powder so
that’s what I used in the video.  The way
I was taught to use blush on the apples of your cheeks and a little tip is to
smile when you’re doing it so that they pop out more.  Once this was finished it was time to set all
of my makeup.  I used the TranslucentSetting Powder by Stowaway.
Moving on to the eyes!
I used a Wet & Wild palette with a really light shimmery
pink.  Once I put that on the lid I did a
winged tip with Rimmel’s Gel Liner in Navy Blue.  I’ve been trying to step out of my makeup
comfort zone so I figured let’s start with some fun colors.  I then proceeded to use Anastasia Beverly
Hills Eyebrow Pomade (LOVE that stuff), and Rimmel London mascara. 
Before I put on lipstick by Stowaway in Peony, I tested out
on camera (you’re supposed to do this at night before bed though just FYI) the
Visage Lip Plumper.  I reference it as
MesolyFT in the video, so if you catch on to that, I meant Visage.  It was really interesting to use and such an
awesome concept.  All you do is you pump
some product (clear gel looking substance) onto the applicator.  The first time will take about 20 pumps for
product to be visible.  Then you just
roll it onto your lips.  The same goes
for the other Visage products I received for the skin, eyes, and neck (you can
also check out the full collection here). 
Keep reading/scrolling for updates on all of the products!

So whenever I’m reviewing makeup/skin care I always try and give it up to two weeks before I write a review just so that I know my readers and followers are getting the best information.  I’m still using the Stowaway line because I love it, and I mean how cute is the packaging.  I really love how much coverage the beauty balm really does give because I don’t even top my face with powder anymore like I did before.  I love the illuminator I think I just need to buy an actual brush for it.  The blush I don’t put on everyday because I forget half the time when I’m in a rush in the morning.  Other than the blush everything else is being used nonstop.
As for Visage, I’ve been using the lip plumper almost every night.  I’ve used the other products quite a few times but not as often as the lip plumper.  I’ve actually been looking for a good one and so far I’m loving this one.  I have noticed a difference.  Of course I know I won’t be getting Kylie Jenner lips, but since my lips are naturally a decent size, this enhances them just a bit more.  I definitely recommend these products.  They’ve been great to use and I haven’t had any reactions to anything and my skin is pretty sensitive.  Definitely super excited about the lip plumper too! 
If you want to watch my YouTube video just hit play below!