There’s Never Enough Leopard Print


Scarf/Shawl:  Zara // Dress:  Banana Republic // Shoes:  Guess (super old)
As many of you know (the title of my blog kind of gives it
away) I’m a Jersey Girl.  I was born and
raised in a Polish household in NJ.  NO,
we do NOT call it Dirty Jersey.  That’s actually
how we can tell if you’re from Jersey or not. 
So why do I bring this up?  A lot
of people say I like leopard/animal print just like every other Jersey
Girl.  I wear it subtly though because I
don’t like to overload it.  In the
fashion industry it’s the new nude which I think is pretty cool!
This outfit kicks off my Valentine’s Day themed series!  There will be blacks, reds, and pinks!  I personally am not a huge fan of Valentine’s
Day, even though I am in a relationship. 
I’ve actually come to realize I’m not the only one.  I mean we will celebrate, but I don’t feel
the need to go out to a fancy restaurant just to pay for overpriced food that
we don’t even get full on.  I actually
would not mind ordering some pizza and watching movies in bed while eating
pizza IN BED (yes, rebel over here) and just enjoying time with one another.  I used to hate Valentine’s Day and call it
Single’s Awareness Day, but to be honest, if a couple needs one day out of the
ENTIRE year to celebrate their love, I mean this is my personal opinion, but I
think love should be celebrated every day. 
It’s the little things that count. 
It’s when I come home after a long day and somehow Joey comes home first
and feeds the dogs, then washes my dishes from the morning.  Or when he goes and gets our laundry done (we
have a Laundromat where the lady actually does our laundry for us you just pay
per pound because the complex Laundromat is kind of eh), I’ll put the clothes
away because he gets frustrated with that part. 
It’s the little things that we don’t usually notice on a daily basis
that show our love and affection for each other.  I don’t need to get flowers and a box of
chocolates from him every day, just being there is enough.
I think our relationship is a little different because we
were friends for about 9-10 years before we actually started dating.  It’s basically like dating my best
friend.  He helps me understand sarcasm a
little better (I take things very literally 75% of the time lol) and he makes
me laugh.  Let’s not also forget that he
helps me bring all of the groceries up.  We
can also watch a movie together and be content with sitting at home with our
two dogs and being in one another’s presence.  

5 thoughts on “There’s Never Enough Leopard Print”

  1. I love this look so much The dress is gorgeous and I love the hint of lace. I am a big fan of leopard print too!

    I personally love Valentine's day. To me, love is the most important thing in the world, and having a special day to celebrate love is special to me. It's kind of like mother's day. Of course you love your mom every day, but it's a day to make her feel extra special. To me, Valentine's day is a day to make all your loved ones (parents, friends, significant others) feel extra special and to celebrate love!

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