Winning big with Borgata on Vacation


I was away this weekend with my boyfriend’s family for New Year’s.  While I had some quiet time I decided to grab my laptop and play some games on Borgata Casino online.  It’s so easy to sign up and so easy to play.  Of course I played the slot machine games because those are my favorite.  Yes, they are my favorite casino games haha.  They are the only ones that I actually know how to play, but Borgata Casino online has so many different games to play.  If you do sign up here they already offer a $20 deposit into your account to play but I’m also giving you a promo code to use to get an additional $20 deposited into your account.  Use code TRYBORGATA to get an extra $20 deposit into your account when you sign up.
Below are some screen shots of what the home page and game pages look like on Borgata Casino online.

This is the home page.  It’s really easy to sign up.  Below is where you go to play.  I played in my browser, you just have to set your location.  However you can download it to play it separately from your browser.

Now if you look at my blog name it’s Jersey Girl, Texan Heart.  I am born and raised in NJ and have actually always wanted to go to the Borgata Resort.  It’s located in Atlantic City, NJ.  It’s absolutely beautiful there (I’ve had friends that have gone they loved it).  There’s so many things to do there.  They have everything for everyone whether you want to go to the club, the resort, the restaurant, or just the room itself is really nice.  
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