Winter Uniform


Top:  Burberry // Vest:  Old (mom’s closet) // Jeans:  Ewa Bazaar // Boots:  Old
Last year I wore a fairly similar outfit and called it my
fall uniform, well it’s also great for a winter uniform.  Even though I took this outfit photo a few
weeks ago (there’s no snow in these pictures haha) I actually wore this to work
yesterday.  In the winter time I live in
boots, longer tops, and vests.  Anything
to keep me warm.  In the winter time I
tend to lose my fashionable self to the cold dreary days.  I’m not a huge cold person, nor am I a huge
snow person.  I swear I was meant to live
down south in the heat.  I LOVE
humidity.  Everyone always stares at me
in disgust when I say that but I really do. 
I know for most it’s uncomfortable, but for whatever reason I love it.
Because of the cold and the snow I’ve been living in my
boots.  It’s too cold to wear flats which
I sometimes do in the winter if there’s no snow or wind.  I made the mistake of wearing cropped pants
with flats on a cold winter day, ugh it was the worst!  It was so cold and I regretted my decision as
soon as I was walking into work.  See I
have a garage so I just walk downstairs and walk into the garage and drive to
work.  When I go to work I have a parking
lot to trek through and it was terrible. 
It was in that moment that I decided ONLY BOOTS for the rest of
winter.  So here I am, wearing my
boots.  I envy the girls who can make fashion
work for them even in the single digit/negative digit temperatures.  I wish I could do that!


8 thoughts on “Winter Uniform”

  1. Ohhhh humidity!!! You'd probably love it for a good day and then go…ok I'm done with this! 🙂 This is a great fall AND winter uniform like you said! I do love a fur vest.

  2. Your post made me laugh, especially the parking lot part, because I also lead that life. It's cold, like today -45C!!!!! I love your "uniform" it's trendy(vest), cozy (plaid shirt) and work appropriate (jewelry/OTKB). I love pumps any time of the year, so I just stick them into my purse and wear my big, winter boots to the office and then switch. 🙂 Have a great day!

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