Casual Day and a Linkup


Sweater:  INC (thanks Mom!) // Pants:  Banana Republic // Boots:  Old
It’s hump day!  We are
almost at Friday, ok well maybe not almost but we are halfway there!  It’s also the first day of February.  How excited are we that the first month of
2017 is done?  I feel like the first
month is always the worst because of getting back on track after the holidays
and having to take down Christmas decorations which make the home more cozy
feeling during these cold months.  I
actually JUST took down my decorations this past weekend.  It was a mix of not wanting to and not having
time to (but mostly because I didn’t want to lol).  It just made the apartment more cheerful and
I love the holidays now that I no longer work in retail.
I was super excited when I finally found these boots.  They have been sitting in storage because
when I moved out of my parent’s house I just kind of stuffed all of my extra
stuff into the storage unit not thinking, hey I might actually need some of
this stuff.  Well, let’s just say between
my stuff and the boyfriend’s stuff after almost a year the storage unit is full
and all around where I park in the garage is full.  I guess you can say we kind of built a
barrier so if someone moves in upstairs they know that’s our side haha.  That kind of reminds me of when I was younger
with my brother and we would say here’s the line that’s your side and this is
my side DON’T cross it lol.  My brother (who
is almost 6 years younger) tested my patience every time.  Let’s just say he had me as a sister because
I was a pretty calm older sister compared to the horror stories I’ve heard from
friends with siblings haha.
Now moving on to the top clicked on from last week!

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up

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