Little Red Dress


Dress:  Banana Republic
It’s Valentine’s Day! 
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you who celebrate, and for all of you
who don’t, happy regular day lol.  Since
Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday the boyfriend and I will probably stay home
with the dogs and just hang out.  Our
first Valentine’s Day together he went all out and so did I but we personally
aren’t huge on Valentine’s Day.  We will
do the typical gift exchange but it isn’t really considered a regular holiday
for us.  He actually got me the battery I
really needed for my car and that was my gift which is amazing because I’d
rather get something I need than something I want.  Right now budgeting has become my life and I
actually forgot to budget out any car things that pop up because it’s a new
car, so him getting me a battery a few weeks ago was the best gift ever.
I on the other hand got him something he wanted.  Since he likes building things and is a child
most of the time, I got him the Lego Technic (a car of course).  I already gave it to him since I already have
my gift as well.  So we basically
celebrated before Valentine’s Day haha. 
We are rebels.
I think if Valentine’s Day didn’t fall on a Tuesday we
probably would’ve been cliché and gone out to dinner like every other couple,
but I prefer to stay home on weeknights anyway. 
I know, I’ve turned into an old lady haha.  For those of you who think Valentine’s Day is
Single’s Awareness Day (trust me I know this feeling I used to think like that
too even though even back then I wasn’t a fan of the holiday), just remember
not all relationships you see are as pretty as they look on the outside, or
maybe even some relationships aren’t as romantic.  My boyfriend and I are basically best
friends, and that’s how our relationship is. 
There is the occasional romance (going out to a fancy shmancy dinner),
but my ideal date with him is either parked right in front of the couch,
working on a car, or doing something dumb like going to the arcade.  Relationships in my opinion shouldn’t be just
based off of romance.  It should be based
off of so many things.  What happens if
there are financial struggles, or what happens if there are “in sickness and in
health” type issues.  Relationships
should be strong, challenging but at the same time easy.  That doesn’t really make sense haha.  It should just flow but at the same time if
you don’t agree on something to be able to either make a compromise or calmly
tell each other your views. 

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