Pink Blazers and Slits


Blazer:  Marshalls (old) // Dress:  Banana Republic (this is petites and was on sale) // Shoes:  Betsey Johnson (Marshalls)
I tend to usually leave this pink blazer for the warmer months, but I couldn’t help and wear it, since Tuesday kicked off my Valentine’s Day theme on the blog.  Now, you may think I’m a Valentine’s Day lover, but to be honest I’m really not.  I think I just really love celebrating something because then I have an excuse to have a theme on my blog!
Since the holidays have been over I haven’t really been myself in case y’all haven’t noticed judging by my posts.  I finally took down all of my Christmas decorations this past weekend.  It was a mix of not wanting to (because they are so pretty) and because I didn’t have time.  If I had time I probably would’ve done it the prior weekend, so it’s really not that big of a difference.  All of my Christmas decorations are just so warm and cozy.  Now my apartment looks somewhat empty and where the tree stood, there’s a huge space.  I didn’t realize how big the living/dining room were until I took down the tree.  
Maybe I’ll feel better once the warmer months come and when we change the clocks so we get more sunlight because leaving for work when it’s dark and coming home in the dark just stinks.  Until then, I’ll do my best to be the happy go lucky blogger I am on the daily for the most part haha.  

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