Pom Poms and Doggies


Hat:  Zaful // Top:  Ewa Bazaar (old) // Boots:  Charlotte Russe
If you read my extremely short post yesterday you know that
I’ve been sick.  I’ve been sick for a few
days now and go figure that I would get sick during a long weekend.  I basically woke up on Sunday with a sore
throat and by 8pm I was a mess.  When Monday
rolled around I could barely get out of the bed and go to the bathroom that’s
how bad my body hurt.  Now just to put
things into perspective, the bathroom is right across the hall from the
These two love bugs of mine in the above pictures kept their
mama happy while I was sick.  I was in so
much pain that they acted as pillows for me and they helped me sweat it out for
the most part.  They also didn’t like
when I would make noises out of pain so they would attack me with doggy
kisses.  I’m pretty sure they loved
having their mama home because once it was time to go back to work yesterday
they were not happy campers.  They were
so good the past few days, they literally slept with me all day Monday and
Tuesday and didn’t have any accidents in the apartment because Monday I could
not move I took them out once and waited until the boyfriend came home to take
me to Urgent Care.  There was really no
reason for me to get sick because I eat really healthy, I take care of myself
(more than the average person), and I’m always bundled up.  I’m going to blame it on all of the people
who come into work sick and spread their gross germs everywhere.
Speaking of being bundled up, I wanted to show off this hat
today.  I always feel weird wearing hats
with my short hair, but I usually give it a try or just put in my extensions
and call it a day haha.  I don’t think it
looks that bad, plus it’s got that cute pom pom on top!  Who doesn’t like pom poms?


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