Signature Outfit and Collab with Ada


Jacket:  Tobi // Scarf:  Dash Posh Boutique // Pants:  Banana Republic // Top:  Ewa Bazaar
^Last Year’s Look (here)
So I have something I like to call a Signature Outfit of
mine.  Pants, boots, and a scarf are
usually my go to pieces in the winter.  For
this Valentine’s Day outfit I wanted to keep it somewhat simple.  I did a similar outfit on the blog last year,
only I didn’t have boots, heels, or dark hair haha!  You can also see the difference in my weight
in this picture so that’s a lovely throwback for ya!
As you can see I do have a signature go to look.  This is usually what I do when I don’t know
what to wear.  I feel as though scarves
add the right amount of effort for an outfit, so instead of wearing just jeans
and a top, add a scarf and you automatically look chic.  The great part about this outfit too is that
I can wear it out or I can wear it to work. 
The tassels on the scarf give it the right amount of “trend” so instead
of wearing a bulky necklace (which don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doing haha) try a
scarf on for size!
I’m also teaming up with Ada from Elegance and Mommyhood and
a few more bloggers for a Valentine’s Day special today and her linkup!  Make sure to check everyone out!

“Love must be celebrated on a daily basis. And not just for your other person but expressed towards everyone you love.  Corny, I know, but really really true.  It just makes life all that much better.”
“Hey Everyone!  I’m Monica from Jersey Girl, Texan Heart.  First and foremost, thank you Ada for this awesome collab!  I decided to keep it a little simple and mysterious for Valentine’s Day.  Of course I love dressing up, but sometimes I want to be a little more casual.  OTK boots, a whole black outfit with a pop of red is my way to go this year!  You can find me onInstagramFacebook, and Twitter!”
“Valentines Day in the North calls for innovation in the outfit.  Luckily my New Chic skirt arrived in time to inspire a winter ballerina look.”
“My Valentine’s day will consist of a half day of work – enter this Rose Quartz (or blush) Midi Dress for a subtle festive pink, which I paired with some fierce black pumps – and spending the rest of the day with my daughter, since my husband is currently not in town. Vivian and I will probably go for a play-date at Chuck E. Cheese, which for that I will be dressed festively comfortable. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! It is a day to celebrate love and not just with your significant other.”
Wine and Couture is a Life and Style Blog that I started over 4 years ago.  It has grown and changed over the years into a fun and amazing place to style and restyle your clothing as well as investing in classic pieces.  Today I am sharing some ideas on what to do for Valentine’s day that is low key.  Some of these are things my husband and I have done in the past.  Stop by my blog to read more and please leave a comment.”

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