Appetizers with Ewa Bazaar


Cheese Plate:  Ewa Bazaar (not yet listed, but if interested send them a message and a link to this post) // Trivet:  Ewa Bazaar // Four Piece Cheese Knife Spreader:  Ewa Bazaar
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with the
CEO of Ewa Bazaar and go over some new products they will be selling in their
store.  I’m super excited to announce
everything to y’all!  They’ve started
introducing more home type products. 
This Google cup (they also have one that says husband instead of father) is by far my favorite haha!  Anyway, they also started introducing fun
items for cheese plates and hot/cold trivets and such.  Ewa Bazaar was nice enough to gift me some of
these products and I’m so happy because the chicken cheese board fits my theme
completely!  I currently have my eye on
their salad servers!
I’m glad to have sat down with the CEO.  I love that this company has been working
with me from basically day 1 of my blog. 
We don’t get to sit down and chat that often so it’s really nice.  Since Ewa Bazaar gifted me with a lot of
their new items I decided to use all of those items to present all of our
cheese and dips on.  Yes, I have cheat
days every once in a while, I’m well aware all of this cheese is not 21 day fix
approved haha!  Also, yes, I’m really
close with the CEO so I invited them into my home.  That comment is for those of you who noticed
the table runner lol.
I love this entire set up. 
Now since dating my boyfriend for over 2 years, I’ve learned some of the
Italian traditions.  When it’s time for
them to eat, they have about 7 meals (no exaggeration lol) and prior to this
they have appetizers.  In my family we
never really did appetizers because it was basically eat all you can because
the more you eat in a Polish household, the better because Polish women LOVE to
feed people.  So I was never accustomed
to the whole appetizer thing.  Since the
boyfriend and I have had both sets of parents over for dinners (together and
separate) we do things a little Polish and a little Italian.  He’s in charge of appetizers though because I
never really did that before, it was just a bunch of dinner food.  That’s why I’m glad that Ewa Bazaar started
selling these items because now I have an excuse to whip out the cheese plate
and the trivets
Just as an FYI for all of you who do look at my clothing and
if it’s linked to Ewa Bazaar sometimes things will sell faster than I can post,
so here is a tip.  If for whatever reason
you’re looking for something in particular, send them a message with a link to
my post and tell them exactly what piece you’re looking for and they will steer
you in the right direction if you can’t find it listed in their store.