Equeena Hair Extensions

Today I wanted to introduce a Hair Extension brand named Equeena Best Hair Extensions.  Some people like to add extensions for length, while others add it for volume.  Whether you wear extensions every day or for special occasions you always want to find the best extensions for yourself.  I personally like clip ins because I can choose where I place the hair.  I also have extremely thin and short hair so placing them in the correct spots is important.  

A lot of companies like Equeena have virgin hair.  Now what this means is hair that has not been treated, whether it’s color or something like a perm for example.  
I’ve seen Brazilian Hair extensions become extremely popular over the years.  I personally have not tried them yet, but am wanting to (really bad).  Brazilian hair extensions are often shinier and silkier than other hair types.
Lace closure is something I’m not 100% familiar with because I haven’t tried them.  I’ve heard many great stories though.  However on the Equeena website they have all different types of lace closures.  These include Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Mongolian.  
With all of that being said, extensions are perfect for any occasion.  Whether you want to add length/volume on a daily use, or for special occasions, extensions are so much easier to find nowadays, and most of them come with the clips already attached.  Check out Equeena’s site for more information!
**Please note, this is a guest post, I have not tried these products and this is not a review.