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Dress:  Ewa Bazaar // Purse:  Ewa Bazaar // Boots:  Charlotte Russe
Today is Lilly’s birthday.  My little nugget turns 7 today.  Well I actually don’t know for sure if that’s how old she is.  The vet said when I adopted her that judging by her teeth she looked to be 2 years old, whereas the shelter stated she was about 4.  I chose 2 because I figured when she arrived to the shelter her teeth were probably in bad condition because I mean her whole body was.  She acted like an old soul, until I took her home.  I lived in Texas for a short period of time and 5 years ago I was home sick.  I went to the shelter during my lunch hour and adopted Lilly, her original name is Snookers, but I decided Lilly Savannah (yes she has a middle name) was a better fitting name.  Thanks to my little diva, I was able to get out of my state of depression.  I had to come home under very difficult circumstances relating to my health and when I came home I felt as though my life had come crashing down.  I not only was in this hole, but I felt like I failed.  Every time I had an ugly cry Lilly was right there.  Since we don’t know when she was born, I decided to make her birthday March 21st which is the day I adopted her.  Today she is 7.  I actually think the shelter was right about her age because Lilly acts older than 7.  She was a traumatized little one in the beginning who was tick infested and didn’t eat the entire first week I had her, then she got comfortable.  A little too comfortable lol.  She basically destroyed my apartment in TX, so I had to get her a crate.  Now she’s calmed down, and I think Zero (her little pitbull sister) keeps Lilly young.  Gosh, how I love this pup.  Happy Birthday baby girl, I hope you are enjoying your past 5 years and future years with me, I wish you could talk so I could find out what evil did everything they did to you. 
Moving on.
Can I please just announce how amazing this dress is?  I love when feminine pieces have a masculine touch to them.  I also love anything military inspired.  The buttons on this dress are gorgeous.  It’s the perfect transitional dress as well as the perfect fall/winter dress.  Since we just got hit with some snow last week, this dress is perfect once you add some leggings or tights to the mix, but once it starts warming up all you do is take those leggings or tights off and add some flats or pumps and you have the perfect transitional outfit.  I’m of course wearing the dress with boots because well it’s still cold here. 
What’s your go to transitional piece?  I know some of my southern cyber friends have already started their warm season, which by the way I’m super jealous!

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  1. Military inspired clothes are amazing. My husband is a chief of investigative police ("police delegate" is the Portuguese term, designating a position with mixed powers of judge, prosecutor, lawyer and police officer, a legal position, exclusive to law bachelors), but a police Civil status However, something more military he has for his training and when he wears operational uniforms of tactical teams. I have ancestors who fought in several civil and border wars in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. My father-in-law is a military man, a retired Colonel of the Military Police, who is the military state force responsible for ostensive policing on our streets and Army reserve (he was commander of important units and battalions in that force). I have cousins ​​from the Navy and the Army and also my husband's uncles from the Military Police. My brother is an engineer for an Israeli war industry and lives in barracks to negotiate. We here at home study with the children the wars that defined our homeland in Rio Grande do Sul and we love studying the Civil War in the United States. That's why your clothes talk a lot to my soul. With burgundy OTK it was perfect!

    Aline Brodbeck | My Instagram profile

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