My 5 Reasons Why-Health and fitness Edition


“Do it for the After Selfie”
Ok, so as you know, this week I’ve been touching base with
some health and fitness topics.  For today’s
post I wanted to do a 5 for Friday but with a twist.  I wanted to talk about my 5 reasons why I
stuck to this healthy lifestyle change. 
These are the 5 reasons why I keep going, and keep pushing myself to do
better in my workouts, and in my nutrition.
First and foremost, my health has changed drastically.  For the first time in my life my BMI is
amazing, I’m not considered overweight, and my body fat percentage is 18%.  Compared to where I was a year ago it’s
amazing.  I can actually feel
healthy.  I didn’t know that was a
feeling we, as humans, could possess. 
Body Image
I’m one of those stereotypical girls who grew up basically
hating her body and pointing out flaws left and right.  This was the first year that I didn’t call
myself fat.  My boyfriend had played a
trick on me a few months back while I was having a cheat day and he said “ok
fatty.”  Now before you get your undies
in a bunch please note that he was testing me to see if I would say something I
previously wouldn’t.  I looked at him and
for the first time in my life I said “I’m not fat, I’m skinny.”  I’ve NEVER said that before.  He looked at me and said good answer.  It was in that moment that I felt 28 years
lifted off my shoulders.  That was the
moment that I felt 110% comfortable in my own skin.  Even now, after so many months of physical
therapy, the holidays, and being sick for the past few weeks and not being able
to work out, I still feel comfortable.  I
look at myself in the mirror and am able to actually say, “wow, I look good,”
and MEAN IT!  Last year on the blog I
tried to start a Body Positivity series to help myself feel better, but that
series actually did more harm than good. 
It actually made me feel worse about myself.  It wasn’t until I completed my first round of
the 21 Day Fix that I started to feel better. 
Now I’m comfortable with how I look, even though I still don’t have my
abs yet, I’m working on it!
I feel like I have the strength to do anything now.  When they say jokes about Endorphin Addicts
and Health Freaks, they really aren’t kidding. 
I’m one of those people now.  When
I work out I always push myself to get one more rep than I did last time.  I’m more likely to step foot into a gym
nowadays, even though I still haven’t lol. 
The gym in the office building I work at doesn’t count because it has a
total of 6 machines.  Nowadays I don’t
say I can’t do something.  Even if I know
I physically can’t I’ll still do my best to try.  I was never a quitter, but after starting
this journey I feel that feeling moreso now than ever before.  I even thought about looking into becoming a
personal trainer or going back to school for nutrition because I’ve gotten so “into
I want to be that one person that inspires someone
else.  A few of my challengers have
actually told me that my posts on Facebook or Instagram have actually inspired
them to get their butts in gear.  I hope
that I can continue to inspire people.  I
mean I didn’t become a coach for no reason!

My Future
This is also important. 
I want to keep going for my future self. 
The self who will eventually want to get married in that pretty white
dress, the one who will want to buy a house, the one who will want to
eventually have children.  I want to stay
healthy and fit for all of these things. 
I want to look amazing in my wedding dress when that day comes.  I want to be able to load up the moving van
and remodel my future home (yes, I already have plans on my dream home
lol).  I want to have a fit pregnancy so
that everyone goes smoothly and so that afterwards I can be a fit mom.  All it takes is sticking to nutrition and a
half hour of working out a day if you do programs with Beach Body.  My future is important to me, and my health
should be too. 


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**Please note, I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer.  Please consult with a professional prior to doing any of the workouts on this blog.  These are the workouts that I do and work for me, however if you are concerned with your form or if you are able to do these please contact your doctor.  Please also check with your doctor or nutritionist if the food/recipes that I’m posting are ok for your diet.

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  1. Never seen those before, it looks really cute and girly! ^^ They are really cute! You will like to see more fun from here.

  2. I've been thinking about health and fitness myself this week, so your post is perfect timing! I'm still at the point where feeling healthy feels like a foreign concept, but your part about the future really resonated with me.

  3. Way to go, Monika. No matter what our individual reasons are, it's never too late to start. A healthy lifestyle is precisely that, a way of life and neither fad nor trend. Good work!! xoxo

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