4th Blogiversary and a Giveaway


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Today my blog turns 4! 
What a crazy awesome 4 years it’s been. 
I actually started this blog in 2010 but I had to stop because my life
just was not in the right place for me to be committed to this blog.  In 2013 I was reading a blog and remembered
that I had one.  That was when I decided
to try it again.  The first year or so
wasn’t really that serious.  I took
pictures and didn’t write any content.  I
would just post my outfit pictures.  Then
once I started writing content I noticed a bigger response.  That’s when I started incorporating content.  For the first year I took all of my pictures
on my iPhone and took a few with a DSLR. 
It wasn’t until I talked to my dad who was my first photographer and
told him I wanted this blog to go somewhere and I was serious about it and that
I needed his help.  My dad took my
pictures for a decent amount of time and then when I started dating Joey he
became interested in my blog and taking pictures that he started taking my
pictures and now we take pictures every weekend.  My biggest supporters have been my parents
and Joey.  I’m really fortunate that they
believe in this blog just as much as I do. 
Actually, I have a funny story about this blog and Joey.  So as most of you know Joey and I have known
each other for 10+ years.  When we
reconnected and started hanging out before we started dating he actually
messaged me and said how my recent photos are incredible and how my blog seems
really awesome.  Thanks blog, for
bringing us together as a couple haha!
I wanted to stop blogging multiple times in the past 4 years
and each time I was told to stop being crazy and keep going.  I didn’t think anyone was reading my blog
until I publicly announced that I was thinking of shutting it down and the
response I received from the blogging community was so amazing.  Every single blogger told me to keep going.  Although, not everyone has been that
nice.  One time someone (in my personal
life, not a blogger) even said to me “why do you blog, what’s the point of it,
it’s not going to go anywhere.”  Even
though I still want this little blog to grow, I’d say I did pretty well so
far.  I may not have a crazy following
like some bloggers out there, but I love this blog.  I love creating new content and I love being
creative.  I work in an office full time
so this space in the cyber world is where I let my creativity show.  I’ve met so many awesome bloggers along the
way, one of which is my best friend in real life.  I’ve worked with so many brands, some well
known, and others are starting up and needed some advertisement.  I’ve evolved into a different person from
when I first started this blog.  I still
have a ways to go with my blog and I don’t really know how long I’ll keep this
blog running, but right now I’m just enjoying my time.  I’m enjoying getting to know other bloggers
because only bloggers really understand why you would stay home on a Friday
night because you have to blog, or why you MUST spend hours taking
pictures.  Or even why you want to take
pictures of your food and set it up nicely haha!
This week’s theme is going to be based off of my
blogiversary!  This entire week we are
celebrating 4 years of fun.  That’s why I’ve
teamed up with a group of bloggers and we are giving away the below items!

  • Kate Spade Crossbody (I bought one for myself too because I
    loved it so much so whoever wins we will be twins)
  • Kylie Lip Kit (Exposed)
  • Kylie Eyeshadow (Peach Palette)
  • $25 Zara Gift Card
  • Too Faced/Kat Von D Better Together Eyeliner/Mascara Kit
  • Sephora Travel Makeup Sponge with Case/Keychain
**PLEASE READ FOLLOWING GIVEAWAY RULES CAREFULLY:  Since this is such a big giveaway I am going to write the rules out for everyone instead of just putting them in the giveaway widget.  This time around I will be checking every single entry due to the amount of items being given away.

  1. Open to the 48 contiguous states in the USA.  
  2. MUST follow at least one of your host’s (me) social media accounts below.
  3. MUST follow at least one of the two social media links for each of the bloggers co-hosting this giveaway with me.
  4. If you are a “repeat offender” (someone who I’ve noticed follow then unfollow throughout my giveaways) you WILL be disqualified.  I apologize for this new rule I know everyone loves free stuff, but it’s only fair to the other people who have entered every giveaway and still loyally follow.


Disclaimer:  This giveaway is not sponsored by any of the brands in the giveaway.  This is organized and paid for by the bloggers hosting the giveaway.


7 thoughts on “4th Blogiversary and a Giveaway”

  1. This is an awesome story, it motivates me to get back to my blog. You look great, and congrats on your 4 year anniversary.

    Dine (@musthaveahandbag)

  2. First of all, happy 4 years. Our journeys are similar because I also opened/started my blog in 2010 but started getting serious about it in 2012 around April/May so for that reason I consider May 2012 to be my anniversary month. Your blog is great and you are real that is what counts. I love that you do you and show affordable outfits. You should be proud of all you have achieved and I have always loved collaborating with you.

    Sexy LBD too, perfect for your 4 anniversary! And thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Congratulation on 4 years!! It has been my daily Dream for the last year to start writing a beauty and fashion blog, and I am so inspired by yours! Having 4 daughters keeps me up to date on the newest trends in fashion and beauty, so I've definitely got the material, now to find the courage!

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