Berkshire Tights and VBxT


Dress:  Victoria Beckham for Target // Tights:  Berkshire Tights
Even though it’s starting to warm up here in NJ it’s still
slightly cold on some days and my legs are so pale.  Actually, my whole body is pale if I’m going
to be honest with you.  I wanted to take
the time to talk about Berkshire Tights today. 
I was asked to review them and I have a few really fun goodies to
First (in the pictures with my leopard print heels) I
reviewed the Cotton Sole Comfy Liner.  I
have this issue with sometimes wearing flats or heels on a bare foot.  If it’s hot out and my feet start sticking to
my shoes because my feet sweat (how is this even possible?) so having a liner
on my feet is perfect to feel comfortable. 
You can’t even see it here because it’s so perfectly hidden.  This would also be great for those of you who
have issues with odor in your feet when you don’t wear socks.  Test it out and tell me what you think!
I also love love love these toeless tights!  How great of an idea is this?  Since it’s still warming up here in Jersey
having tights is a nice way to warm my legs up just a little bit, or if I’m
going out and I want my legs to look a little nicer (since they are so pale) I
can put on these tights and still wear open toed shoes (because those are one
of my all time faves).  I have this pet
peeve when I see women wearing sandals or open toed shoes with tights and you
see the seam of the tights.  I don’t know
why but it drives me absolutely bonkers! 
That’s why I’m glad that Berkshire tights has toeless ones because it’s
really a perfect idea.
Also, today kicks off my Victoria Beckham for Target outfit
posts.  I have A LOT so brace
yourselves!  I know I posted a little bit
on my Facebook and Instagram, but I took some nice photos and want to share
them with you.  This was a dress that I
saw online and wasn’t too sure about, but tried it on anyway.  Ladies, it’s seriously amazing.  I’m not a huge fan of one shoulder looks BUT,
this dress is a huge exception.  I really
wish that Victoria Beckham did a long term collab with Target because they did
such a great job with this line, and the sizing was amazing.  Also, for whatever reason I bought a lot of
bright colors and orange/yellow.  Stay
**Please note I was given these tights in exchange for this review, however all opinions are my own.

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