Best Hair Store Extensions Review


Extensions:  Best Hair Store
As most of you know I wear extensions 90% of the time.  I am not a fan of my own hair and it’s
extremely thin so I have a really tough time growing it out.  Since I’m impatient, once it starts getting
longer I just chop it all off.  I also
use extensions to add volume to my hair. 
With that being said, of course I’m wearing extensions in
this picture.  You’ll see these
extensions more in next week and the following week’s blog posts, but I have a
story behind these babies!  First, I
received them from Best Hair Store.  The
shipping was so quick!  A tip that I will
tell you is since it comes via DHL make sure when you get the text message
alert about the shipment to electronically sign for your package otherwise you’ll
be waiting even longer for these beauties to appear on your doorstep. 
Ok, so I chose to review these extensions.  It’s such a beautiful ombre and they were
even prettier in person!  However, I
thought I could get away with the ombre, but it was slightly off in color.  

I’ve colored extensions before so I knew what had to be
done.  This really pretty ombre was going
to have to go darker.  I used regular box
dye.  I prefer to use Revlon Color
Silk.  Don’t let the price tag fool you,
it’s really pigmented hair dye.  I used
two boxes (I probably needed about 2.5 boxes but I made it work) of this dark
brown color.  The boyfriend was helping
me because he knows how I get when it comes to projects.  I was going to try and keep the ombre but
unfortunately when the boyfriend and I were dying them we noticed that the
extensions got dark fast.  When I washed
them out and let them dry they were now TOO DARK!  I honestly wanted to cry.  I tried to make the best of it and put them
in and curl them, but no, nothing was working.

(^^Can you feel the anger radiating from this picture bahahahaha!)
We went to Walmart and thought let’s buy a lighter color dye maybe that’ll do the trick.  Then I remembered my hair dresser telling me that dying extensions is like a totally different animal.  Instead of just dying them a lighter color, my boyfriend found something called Oops Extra Strength Color Remover.  It’s basically supposed to strip the color.  I wasn’t expecting it to work 100% because well, extensions are a little different from normal hair.  Even though the Color Remover didn’t remove all the color in order for me to be able to dye the hair a lighter brown, it removed it enough that I’m able to get away with the color that’s currently on the extensions.  You want to know the BEST part?  The extensions aren’t ruined!  So many times when you color or wash extensions they get extremely damaged and ruined but these did not.  I’m truly impressed with the quality of these extensions.  To be honest I was afraid that I was going to ruin them, but they held up very well.  I will definitely go for a darker color next time though!  In the end I truly am excited about having a new set of extensions.  They aren’t heavy like my other extensions.  This way, I can wear them all day and not have to worry about them yanking on my hair.  I can be comfortable throughout the day.  The price is also really great for extensions.  I’ve been known to get extensions for up to $500+!  Yes, you read that right!  At two times in my life I wanted extensions that stayed in my hair.  Let me just tell you, unless you’re spending more than $500 don’t get permanent extensions, I recommend getting clip in’s instead.  They don’t ruin my hair like the fused extensions did.  
**Please note, I received these extensions as a review, however all opinions are mine.