Blogiversary Edition: Little Black Dress


Dress:  Ewa Bazaar // Bag:  Ewa Bazaar // Shoes:  Old (similar here)
In yesterday’s blogiversary post I wore a little black
dress, because it was a special occasion. 
Today I wanted to show you how to wear another little black dress.  This one isn’t form fitting like yesterday’s,
and it has long sleeves!  The great thing
about this dress is you can wear it to the office and dress it up
professionally, then you can change up your accessories and shoes and wear it
for dinner or a date night!  I think the
fact that it’s long sleeved and you can die it in a bow makes it such a
versatile piece.  You can easily wear
this to the office and look professional, while also wearing this out for a
date and looking classy.  Sometimes you
just don’t want to dress up and be uncomfortable because with this dress if you
eat enough to have a food baby you can easily cover it up!
See, I think ahead.  I
got you girl.
I always make sure that I wear something not too form
fitting when I go out for a date night unless I know we won’t be eating then I’ll
wear something a little more form fitting. 
If I’m having a cheat night and eating dinner though, give me the
strechiest pants possible!  Thankfully
for me, the boyfriend and I don’t really like to go out too much and would rather
just stay close to home I don’t really have to wear fancy clothing except for
special occasions.  That’s why this dress
is absolutely perfect!
Since it’s my blogiversary week, I decided each day I’m
going to think back on a favorite memory of mine that I’ve had in these past 4
Being Accepted to Lucky FABB (twice)
This was basically my best moment.  I was so excited.  I hadn’t been too serious about my blog and
my photo quality was that of a cell phone, but somehow I was accepted to attend
Lucky FABB in 2013 and then again to FABB on the West Coast in LA in spring of
2014.  It was an incredible event and I
wish that Lucky FABB was still able to do these events because there was
nothing else like it that I’ve been to. 
Thanks to these events I was exposed to so many great bloggers and girl
bosses.  When I went to the LA FABB I had
two roomies that have become my long time friends, all 3 of us STILL talk to
this day.  I got to meet some amazing
bloggers, I have a selfie with Eva Chen, I saw Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth,
Nicole Richie, The Man Repeller, and Sophia Amoruso author of #GIRLBOSS.  It was just an all around amazing blogging
event.  Oh, and their swag bags were
INCREDIBLE.  The amount of stuff that we
got in our ginormous goodie bags was just insane.  I’m so happy I started blogging when I did so
that I was able to go to at least 2 FABB’s before they stopped having
them.  I learned a lot of things too from
the sessions that they had.  I learned a
lot about SEO and so many other useful tools for blogging.  After going to these blogging conferences I
knew that my blog was going to go places. 
I wasn’t sure where or how long it would take, but it was in those
moments that I realized this is what I’m meant to be doing with my free time.

P.S.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway in yesterday’s blogiversary post.  Please make sure to read the rules and guidelines!


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