Blogiversary Edition: Little White Dress


Dress:  Tobi // Shoes:  Betsey Johnson (old) // Bag:  Kate Spade
I wore two little black dresses this week, so why not wear a
little white dress?  I feel like the
little white dress may not be as sexy and classy as the little black dress, but
it’s also a fun dress to have in your closet. 
White is the best color for spring and summer.  I even sometimes wear it after Labor
Day.  I know that’s a “fashion don’t” but
I know a lot of fashionistas who don’t follow that rule, I mean rules are meant
to be broken right? I paired this dress with some bright accessories to make the outfit really pop.  Especially because it’s spring time, I’m starting to incorporate more color into my wardrobe.  I love the warmer months because of all the bright colors!
This week is my Blogiversary (don’t forget to enter here) so I’ve been adding a “best
memory” to each post this week.  So let’s
move on to this next memory, shall we?
Working with Brands
First and foremost if you go to my advertise section that’s
a decent list of brands I’ve worked with. 
There’s a few missing but that’s the most accurate list I have.  Ewa Bazaar is a brand I’ve been working with
since the very beginning.  They still
continue to work with me.  I’ve worked
with Banana Republic twice so far, once in the spring and once in the fall of
last year.  I’ve also worked with Sally
Hansen, Walmart, Neutrogena, etc.  I’ve
been able to review anything from food/water, to hair extensions, to clothing,
etc.  Some things that I’ve reviewed I
actually ended up using long term.  For
example I did a campaign with U by Kotex towards the beginning of my blogging days
and have actually continued to use that very same product since.  Just this post alone, the extensions, sunglasses, and dress were all part of blogger reviews within the past 2 years.  Being able to review so many different things
and learning how to work with brands is always great.  I still have this issue of turning down
brands because I feel bad.  I feel bad
saying that you’re being rejected.  It’s
not even turning down monetary compensation, I just honestly feel bad telling
someone they are being rejected.  That’s
something I definitely have to work on, although this year I’ve gotten MUCH
better at it. 


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