Cars Throwback

I did this two years ago when Fast and Furious 7 came out.  I basically rounded up all of my cars except my first one (I have pictures somewhere just not electronic ones) into one post and anything car related.  This above picture was when the boyfriend agreed to do a fun car photoshoot with me specifically for the blog.  He was such a good sport.  He still has his yellow Genesis, but it’s currently being worked on.  If you’ve been following along this week you would have seen that I did a lot of car related posts because Fast and Furious 8 comes out today!  Who is as excited as I am????  I cannot wait, so here’s a little post to round up my feelings on my past cars since you’ve seen my newest car this entire week!

My 2010 Volvo C70
She died this past September keeping me safe.  For those of you who don’t know, I was rear ended twice in one year.  Both times I was at a full stop.  I actually went to Physical Therapy for the second accident and still don’t feel better, but have decided to just deal with the pain and go about my life as usual.  With the second accident they totaled my car.  I was such a mess and actually sat in what was left of my car and cried.  I legit balled my eyes out in the front seat while holding my shift knob that the boyfriend took as a souvenir of this car.  This car was my favorite car since my first 2004 Jetta TDI.  It was quirky and weird like me, and it was my first convertible.  All I have to say is Volvo lived up to their reputation of being a safe car.  Mine kept me safe.

My 2011 BMW 328xi
This car wasn’t as great as I originally thought.  In my past posts about this car I actually did like it (that was until I was getting rid of it), but you see everyone always wants a BMW because well, it’s a friggin BMW.  What no one (including myself) usually thinks about is how BMW’s depreciate.  In two years my car had depreciated so much that it cost less than a new base model VW Jetta.  There’s also a lot of things in the new ones (this is with a lot of newer cars actually and this car was new when I had it) that are super annoying.  There’s a lot of things that happened with this car when I was getting rid of it, it was in and out of the dealership because I couldn’t go to a shop.  It was just a mess.  This car was a treat to myself when I came home from Texas.  The happiness lasted a little under 2 years and then I decided “it’s definitely you, and not me.”  I did have an attachment to this car, and I did shed a tear, I think it’s because it symbolized me saying goodbye to my past forever because even though the car was to treat myself it was a constant reminder of all of the bad things that happened that led me to come back home.  So saying goodbye to the car was me breaking free from a part of my life that taught me a lot, and basically what didn’t kill me, made me stronger.

My 2006 VW Jetta 2.5
This car.  This freakin’ car.  I can’t even begin to start what was wrong with this car lol.  I was one of those people who lucked out when the new generation of VW’s came out.  This was a terrible engine, which is probably why they don’t make them anymore haha.  I had her for 6 years.  She traveled to Texas and back with me.  Well, she barely made it back.  She had 120k miles on her.  This car drove me insane, but we had a love hate relationship.  Oh, did we have a freakin love hate relationship HAHA.  Can you tell that she annoyed me a lot?  Before her I had a 2004 Jetta TDI and that thing was the best car I ever had along with the Volvo.  I WISH I kept that TDI.  My 2006 went to a few VW shows with me including the big one in Ocean City, MD called H2O.  The above picture was actually taken at the car wash after I washed my car we put some fun little sayings on my car for the ride down to H2O.  My car wasn’t modified or anything but I still felt like I was part of something.

Here are my nails from two years ago.  Can you tell I kept a theme?  Also, check out this video below, if you fast forward to 3 minutes (and I can’t remember the seconds) you’ll see an awesome donut that my boyfriend did in his Genny.  It was seriously amazing!

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