Fast and Furious Nail Art


Today kicks off my Fast and Furious theme since the 8th
one is coming out this week!  I’m super
excited to see it after reading more about it. 
When I first saw little bits of the final trailer I was not wanting to
see it because Dom turns on his family and that was the most important part of
his life, especially Letty.  That’s his
ride or die.  Then after watching more
parts of the trailer before the final trailer was released and reading up on it
and especially after he says “I had no choice” I have a feeling that they have
his sister, nephew, or even Paul Walker’s character.  There’s no way Dom would turn his back on
family, NO WAY.  I’m definitely going to
see it this week I’m super excited for it now, especially after seeing the
final trailer have a Subaru in it!  Here’s
my Fast and Furious nail art!  Come back
the rest of this week for my car themed posts.

1 thought on “Fast and Furious Nail Art”

  1. Such a great idea on posts!!! Why didn't I think of that lol.. I'm an fast and the furious nerd. I have seen them millions of times and can't wait to go sat to see it!!! Lol

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