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I’ve talked about my love for cars here on the blog before, but for my new readers/followers in case you couldn’t tell even though I’m super girly.  I LOVE cars.  Two years ago Fast and Furious 7 came out.  It was an emotional one because everyone knew
that Brian was no longer Paul Walker (#NeverForgetTheBuster) and that his face
was put on his actual brother’s face in order to help the cast finish the last
movie with Paul.  I’m not going to lie, I
cried at the end of the movie when he drives away on a different road in his
white Supra.  What kept replaying in my
head during that scene was Paul Walker’s quote “If one day the speed kills me,
don’t cry, because I was smiling.”  The
Supra is what Brian (Paul Walker’s character in the movie) is known for.  That’s the car that he thought he could stick
up to Dom with and say the infamous line “Dude I almost had you.”  The “In Memoriam” was really emotional for a
lot of people.  Not because we just lost
another celebrity in a tragic way, but because for those of you who don’t
understand car enthusiasts, a lot of us branched into the world of cars because
of the original Fast and Furious. 
I always had a secret love for cars, but having a passion
for cars was a guy thing, girls didn’t like cars (said in a sarcastic tone),
that made us “butch.”  After watching the
first Fast and Furious I thought “wow, they actually showed girls in the movie,
maybe I do have a chance in this community.” 
Then after I watched the second one and saw the pink Honda S2K that Suki
was driving I fell in love with the whole car scene.  My first car was manual, that’s the car I
learned how to drive on, and that’s the car I took my driver’s test with.  I’ve been driving stick ever since.  I didn’t know that it was possible to have a
girly looking car, but still be badass! 
I’m not going to lie, Suki’s car is the only Honda I would drive, I’m
very picky when it comes to cars (no offense to anyone, I just prefer American
Muscle or German Engineering, my Subaru was my first JDM car).  We loved watching the thrill of these cars
and the fact that they incorporated family into it.  When you meet people who like the same cars
as you or even that like the opposite cars it becomes more of just a car group,
it becomes a lifestyle.  It’s something
that we love.  It’s how we get our highs,
that adrenaline of driving fast and “living my life a quarter mile at a time”
is what helps us cope with a bad day. 
Getting behind the wheel of a car we love and have put blood sweat and
tears into, have cursed at multiple times because something breaks or we can’t
get a stupid bolt loose and have to somehow finagle it, or we can’t find our 10
mm, it’s a feeling of freedom and accomplishment.  Can you tell I’ve worked on a car lol?  I’ve yelled at my cars plenty of times haha!
The video I left below explains what I said above a little
better.  Being a car enthusiast isn’t
just about speed.  It’s about so much
more.  Being a female car enthusiast is
still somewhat of a new thing.  Guys are
still surprised when they see that I drive stick, let alone can beat them if
they try to race me.  After being rear
ended twice in less than a year I am a little more nervous now when someone is
behind me, but when I don’t look in the rearview mirror getting behind that
wheel and bangin’ out those gears is the best medicine after a long day.  Hearing that cold start every morning is
music to my ears.  Hitting boost and
hearing that blow off along with the backfire makes me smile and giggle, still
after all this time.  Oh, and before I
leave you with the video, here’s the infamous racecar prayer:
As I lay rubber down the street
I pray for traction I can keep
But if I spin and begin to slide
Please dear Lord protect my ride.


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