1 Dress, 5 Ways


We all have that one piece in our closet that we have been
able to remix quite a few times.  Well, I
prefer to purchase clothing that I know will last me more than one season.  This dress for example, has been making an
appearance on my blog since 2013, just a few months after I started
blogging.  I bought it at Target thinking
I’d only wear it a few times, but I’ve actually worn this dress multiple
times.  I picked out my favorite outfits
that I remixed with this dress here for today’s post so that you can see how
versatile this piece actually is.  It’s
perfect for any occasion.  Whether you
want to wear it casually, to work, to an event, for a holiday, etc.  I’m going to go through each look and explain
how to achieve the look or something similar if you don’t want to go as bold or
as boring as the particular outfit.  And
you also get to see how much I’ve changed over the years!

Dress:  Target // Jacket:  Banana Republic // Shoes:  Vince Camuto
Outfit #1 Tomboy meets Girly
Lately I’ve been experimenting with different colors.  I’m loving orange, and olive.  I love that this look is the perfect mix of
tomboy and girly.  It kind of explains me
perfectly because I’d say I’m a good combination of both.  I love this jacket that I got from Banana
Republic, I actually uploaded it during my St. Patrick’s Day special.  These shoes I’ve had for a really long
time.  My dad got them for me for
Valentine’s Day a really long time ago. 
For this look all you need is a fun jacket like this whether it be
embellished like mine is, or just an olive jacket on it’s own.  I added the olive sandals, but you can always
pair it with converse to make it even more tomboy’ish or flats if you’re more
comfortable in flats.
Dress:  Target // Belt:  Burberry // Kimono:  TK Maxx (Poland) // Boots:  Enzo Angelino

Outfit #2 Boho Chic
I’ve grown to love this whole boho chic trend over the past
few years.  There’s something just so fun
about it.  This was perfect because I
love booties and belts.  This kimono
might quite a few appearances on the blog, and to be honest I completely forgot
I had it until I started writing this post haha!  I’ll have to whip it out of the closet
again.  I love that this is boho chic but
it’s still appropriate if you just take the kimono off and wear the dress with
the belt and booties!

Dress:  Target // Necklace:  Macy’s (I think) // Shoes:  Lord and Taylor
Outfit #3 Party Ready
This was from one of my New Year’s themes from I think
2015?  All I did was switch up my
hairstyle, add a statement necklace, and some statement heels.  I usually lean towards gold over silver
because that’s just personal preference (even my traditional jewelry is all
gold).  These gold heels I’ve had in my
closet since senior prom (2005, crazy right?). 
I sometimes whip them out for a fun evening look.  You can always add something like a shawl, so
I would’ve added this leopard print or navy print one I have in my closet.  If you want to switch up the shoes you can
always do that too, and if you’re feeling really adventurous you can always
wear OTK boots (of course when it’s colder out).

Chambray:  Ralph Lauren // Dress:  Target // Boots:  Cavender’s // Belt:  Vintage
Outfit #4 Casual meets Country
I have an overflowing closet of cowgirl boots.  It’s actually kind of insane how many pairs I
have.  That’s all thanks to my past collaboration
with Cavender’s.  This would be the
perfect night out outfit if you’re in the country and just going to dinner or
even a dive bar.  Dive bars are actually
my favorite and I prefer them over the club any day.  You meet some interesting people at dive
bars, and they usually have really good food. 
The belt I’m wearing is actually vintage and from my mom.  It’s older than me I think.  The chambray top was one of my Christmas
gifts a few years back, and well the boots, you know that story already.  These boots were actually my first pair of
cowgirl boots.  I got them when I lived
in Texas and was so happy about them that I wore them all the time.  They have broken in PERFECTLY!
Dress:  Target // Blazer:  Marshalls // Shoes:  Betsy Johnson
Outfit #5 Office Ready
I purchased this blazer a while ago because it was hot
pink.  That’s honestly the only reason I
purchased it haha.  Well, I love wearing
it to work because it’s professional with a little twist and everyone says that
it’s so me.  Because, well, I mean, it is
lol.  No, jk, it’s not just my color, but
pink is my favorite color and everyone knows that.  You can use a different color blazer if you’d
like, but make sure it’s a fitted blazer because the way this dress falls, it
can make you look bigger than you actually are. 
I wore my bright blue suede Betsy Johnson shoes because who doesn’t
love bright colors?!  But of course if
you don’t you can totally rock a nude, black, brown, whatever you please.  
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  1. That dress is so pretty, and I love how you've styled it each time!! I agree with buying things that will last in my closet longer than a month 🙂 Happy Friday!

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