5 Reasons you need a Bomber Jacket in your closet STAT!


Jacket:  Victoria Beckham for Target // Pants:  Banana Republic // Shoes:  Shein

Bomber jackets have been everywhere!  You see them dressed up, dressed down, all different types of textures and prints, and I’m so glad they are trending right now!  I’ve been able to wear this jacket to work instead of a blazer because of it’s texture and that it’s not as casual as some of the other ones I’ve seen out there.  Keep reading to be convinced on why you need a bomber jacket in your closet!

Dress up or Down

I’ve worn my bomber jacket with jeans, to work (instead of a
blazer), and out for a date night.  I
love that this jacket is versatile.  I’m
all about being able to wear something more than once and with different
outfits so this VBxTarget purchase was TOTALLY worth it!

Spring Transitions

I mean it’s spring time. 
One second it’s hot out and the next it’s cold.  The bomber jacket is light weight enough
where you won’t be sweating but thick enough to keep you warmer than a thin

Out of the Ordinary

As I said in the first reason, I wore this as a blazer to
work one day.  It was a nice way to spice
up my outfit on a casual Friday without being too casual.  The bomber jacket is different because it can
be worn so many different ways.

Comfort meets Fashion

Who doesn’t love this athleisure trend goin’ on?  Well I’m sure there are some out there who
hate it, but I personally love it.  Being
able to look chic while being comfortable in athletic wear is always a
plus.  Especially if you’re one to be on
the go, going to the gym, or you just prefer to be comfy. 

One for Everyone

Have you seen some of these bomber jackets out there?  Embellished (like this one), satin, different
colors, different prints, different textures, I mean the possibilities are
really endless.  For example the one in
this outfit post, it’s satin with embellishments and it’s not obnoxiously in
your face so it’s appropriate for me to wear to work on a casual Friday. 
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