5 Retro Looks that came back


Dress:  Victoria Beckham for Target // Shoes:  Guess (Marshall’s old)
Let’s face it, fashion repeats itself.  I feel like nowadays the fashion trends are
almost a mix of a few decades.  Lately
though, I’ve seen a lot of the 70’s and 90’s being mixed together.  I personally get super nostalgic when I see
90’s esque clothing and accessories because it reminds me of when I was
younger.  For today’s post since I
decided to dress a little retro I wanted to talk about 5 retro trends that I’m
glad are back.  Some of these are
actually back again because I remember bell bottoms coming back into style when
I was younger and we all had to have a pair that covered our shoes, now it’s a
mix of skinny jeans and bell bottoms.
1.  Bell Bottoms
I love bell bottoms and always have.  They have a way of making my legs look
thinner than they actually are.  I
remember the first time I strayed away from boot cut jeans and put on a pair of
skinny jeans and wasn’t a huge fan, but I eventually got used to them and liked
them.  However, bell bottoms have always
had a spot in my heart.  I feel like they’re
the stereotypical 70’s fashion that EVERYONE associates with that era and
2.  Fun Accessories
From the shoes, to hair pieces, to all of the fun bangles,
they are all back.  I mean if you just
look at people who went to Coachella, it’s a mix of 70’s and 90’s so basically
a grunge hippie.  Look at how the hair
pieces still stuck around, you know which ones, that go around your head
instead of going through your hair like a regular headband. 
3.  Crochet
I always loved crochet, but the 70’s had a lot of
crochet.  I’ve seen so many awesome
crochet crop tops or even bathing suits that are crochet.  Does anyone else think of rasta beanies or
hackey sacks when they see the crocheted bikinis?  Nope, just me?
4.  Bright Colors
The one thing I love about the 60’s and 70’s are the
colors.  I mean they had these in the 80’s
too but in the 80’s they were that typical hot pink, neon yellow, neon orange,
etc.  Whereas in the 60’s and 70’s it was
bright oranges, yellows, and so on.  A
lot of the clothes that I recently bought from the VBxTarget collection remind
me of the 60’s and 70’s with the colors and patterns.
5.  Bohemian Dresses
This is something I love. 
I love anything off the shoulder, I love loose fitting dresses, think
Free People.  I read an article the other
day that said once you’re past 30 you shouldn’t be wearing these things.  Honestly though, who cares?  If you feel comfortable and confident that
should be all that matters.  I hate when
I see stuff like that.  Would I wear a
crop top at 50, honestly probably not because I wouldn’t feel comfortable, but
wearing an off the shoulder bohemian style dress at age 30?  How is that even a thing to argue in an
online post haha!  Whoever wrote that
article had entirely too much time on their hands.
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