5 things to bring just in case it’s cold on Memorial Day


Denim Jacket:  Old (from my high school days) // Scarf:  Dash Posh Boutique // Pants:  Mom’s closet
Sometimes it gets cold during the Memorial Day weekend.  That’s why I wanted to prepare you for the
event that it gets chilly!  First and
foremost I always pack for every type of weather, but usually forget one thing
that’s the most important thing.  So for
rainy days I’ll bring everything to keep me warm but forget my rain boots.  Let’s put this all in one post so that I can
reference back to this myself when I pack for this weekend in a rush when I get
home from work because I’m a last minute packer haha.
Denim Jacket
I swear by denim jackets. 
They are warm enough for cooler nights, but still light enough for if it’s
a little warmer during the day.  They are
super trendy and I have actually held onto some of my jackets from a long time
ago.  I’m surprised they still fit, but
definitely super happy that I don’t have to go out and buy new ones!
I’m one of those wackos that wears scarves in the summer
time if it’s a little chillier.  I
honestly just love the look of scarves as an accessory.  This one is particular I got from one of my
blogger friends who opened up her own online store which was awesome.  I love the little tassels, that’s really in
right now.  I’m actually happy it is,
that along with pom poms haha.
Long Pants
Whether you want to bring jeans, white pants, or linen pants
like I have pictured here make sure you pack a pair of long pants.  I love linen pants because it’s a personal preference
but I also have to make sure I bring a pair of jeans because I have two fur
children who like to jump on me out of excitement ESPECIALLY when I’m wearing
work clothes or anything light. 
Closed Shoes
I’m wearing flats here but I will definitely be bringing
closed shoes to keep my feet warm.  This
includes cowgirl boots (I have one specific pair for quading) and sneakers
which are usually my converse.  I’ll
bring socks too to make sure my feet are extra warm.
Bring a blanket. 
Sometimes if there are fireworks during MDW you want to bring a blanket
just in case because no one likes standing in the cold and the enjoyment of the
fireworks won’t be as fun.  Also, you
have an extra blanket to use if someone else wants to sit down next to you if
it is warm out and you don’t need it!

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  1. Not only is this a cute outfit but such a great idea for a post. =) I couldn't agree with your choices more especially bringing jeans, a denim jacket, closed-toe flats and a scarf. In my latest post I even shared my own light tassel scarf. Love yours and every time you style it, it pops!

    Welcome by and join my new linkup from this week. It just went so share your beautiful style. Thanks, Ada. =)


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