A romper, a confession, and a linkup!


Romper:  VBxTarget // Shoes:  Target
I can’t help but think about how this outfit is like going
into a time machine.  This look is almost
out of the 60’s-70’s era.  The print and
the fact that it’s a romper stole my attention!
This was another one of the Victoria Beckham pieces for
Target.  I love that so much of this line
was very mod.  I’ve been wanting to
dabble in that type of fashion but never knew how to go about it the right
way.  Until, of course this collection.
Ok, so now, I want to make a confession.  I think some of my fellow bloggers will be
able to relate.  Recently if you’ve noticed
I’ve been trying to step out of the box with my fashion, and also with where I
take my pictures because well, let’s be honest, taking pictures in the same
spot can get boring.  I mean if you look
at all of the bigger bloggers they have the most beautiful photos with the
greatest backgrounds (even though they’re blurred) or even the bloggers that
somehow find the most amazing colored walls. 
Unfortunately where I live, it’s extremely hard to find places to take
pictures unless I want to trek into NYC which I’d rather not for blogging
pictures because it’s a pretty decent drive.
The next best option is finding small towns in my area, but
the downside to this is they’re usually somewhat busy and people have no idea
what you are doing so taking outfit photos can be super embarrassing.  At least for me.  This picture for example, it was just the
boyfriend and me.  Since he used the zoom
lens (that’s what we like to call it haha, or aka the big lens) he had to stand
kind of far away so I’m sure the people driving didn’t see him from the angle
he was standing and the angle when the road turns.  Also, where I live not many people even know
what a blog is.  I’ve gotten cat called,
I’ve gotten whistled at, and even yelled at. 
Whereas in the city, people are used to it because there are so many
bloggers in the city and people know what a blog is. 
Basically even after 4+ years of blogging, I still feel
uncomfortable when people are around when I’m taking blogging pictures.  Especially because there are only so many
places I can go without making it into a 2 day trip of pictures (since I take
outfit photos on the weekends) that once I start to repeat, people notice.  That’s when I start thinking, omg do they
think I’m some kind of narcissistic person? 
That’s when I get even more uncomfortable and don’t even want to take
pictures anymore. 
How do some of you get over this?  Or am I the only one?

Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up
Jersey Girl, Texan Heart Link Up

14 thoughts on “A romper, a confession, and a linkup!”

  1. Okay I love this print. The flower power print is perfectly on trend. I love the mod vibe it has. As far as pictures I am totally on the same page as you. I take my own pictures (my hubby doesn't have the patience) so it's me and a tripod. We are near a few different downtown areas so that helps for the background issues. I just get nervous when people are around, I haven't had any crazy reactions but I get soooooo uncomfortable when people are watching and I usually just kind of walk away haha! I have gotten better because I just don't care too much anymore and I've learned the times when people aren't around. I like your backgrounds and you do a great job!


  2. Monica, first of all, let me say that you look fabulous in this romper! I tried it on and it was so good on me! Second, I totally get you with the feeling embarrassed taking photos in public. I am slowly getting over it and just owning. I have a friend who recently started taking my photos with a real camera (as opposed to my husband taking them with an iphone) and now I just have fun with it. People stare and wonder what the heck we are doing, but I just put on m "supermodel attitude" and own it! And I have a blast. I definitely live in a place where people don't understand blogging either, but I'm starting to gain a little more recognition in my little community which helps. So my advice is this…fake it til you make it! Get all sassy and own it like a super star!


  3. Haha you are not the only. I still get embarrassed in my driveway and I still don't have the courage to venture out. I doubt most people around here know what a blog is so they would think I'm crazy.

  4. I love your romper! Adorable! And yes, I feel your pain regarding taking pictures. I live way out in the country and have pretty back ground but it does get boring. We have a beautiful lake one mile away but it is always so busy and I am too shy to go take pictures! Dilemma! Thanks for hosting this fun link up! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

  5. Love your pretty retro-romper! The colorful pattern is so fun!

    I typically try to avoid any distractions when doing a photoshoot, and pick quiet locales or a time in the day when there aren't a lot of people around. But even when there are, it's more about concentrating on getting creative so that you don't see a lot of people in the background of a photo. Focusing on the creative process distracts me from caring about what anyone is thinking 🙂


  6. First of all I am glad you purchased so many of the VBxTarget clothes because they suit you so well. This romper, the lilly dress, the orange romper and the black+white daisy dress are my favorite 4 pieces on you.

    I feel you 100% about the outfit photos. I take my own pictures 95% of the time and usually is in my back-yard, front-yard, side-yard lol or neighborhood. I'd love to put my new remote to use and take time at least once a week to discover some new not very crowded areas but I would feel weird and I don't think I would like people staring. I only live in Michigan after all. LOL

  7. It can be awkward! Chauncey was taking an IG snap of me this weekend, and I heard someone say, "she's a blogger."haha At this point, I just hand out business cards! And I also love this outfit on you! Btw. Find what works for you background-wise and go with it!

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